>NYT: Firing Line

>The New York Times Sunday Magazine does an extensive report on the Appleseed Program, with related slide show and video.

Reader comments are also worth the read.

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  1. >Actually 8 or 9 of us from Wake County will be there, should be a good time. If the collectivist left gets there panties in a wad about Appleseed, imagine would they think of some other things… Kind of makes you laugh.In Wake we are learning things like canning, first aid, water purification, sanitation and of course some shooting. Building a Mutual Aid Society to survive he first die off, if you will.nccmwake.org

  2. >People refuse to learn and understand history. They refuse to acknowledge the deaths of so many in the 20th century due to tyrants. People allowed someone to render them defenseless and thus become an easy target. I gathered from reading the comments that our schools have been very successful in teaching all of the correct buzzwords when it comes to understanding our heritage. Going to an Appleseed event was a real eye opener for me. I learned so much over and above the shooting aspect of the course.I support Appleseed. I understand exactly what they are teaching. Those who have never attended one of these events and yet have an opinion of just how wrong, kooky and redneck this is suppose to be are the truly uneducated idiots!!DougNewark, Ohio

  3. >After reading the comments, one comes away that people who believe themselves to be good americans are actually hard core communists. Anyone that does not go along with the gov't view on things needs to be eliminated. For owning a gun or believing in Constitutional freedom, you are now a KKK racist, hillbilly, and southerner.As a lifelong gun owner, USMC rifle & pistol expert, Recon, Armorer, and custom gunmaker for 30+ yrs, I went to the Worland,WY shoot in '05. We had 107'F and high winds that blew the targets right off the frames. My M-14 mags were too hot to load, gloves were a must. But all of us had a blast and the newbies I brought along said it was the greatest learning curve they had ever had. It was fun to meet new people and and share ideas with others. Boston was there signing books and sharing some of his wisdom too. I highly recommend this course for anyone, please go if you can. Or, send a friend.Semper Fi, 0321

  4. >0321:Glad to connect with another plankholder. A lot of work went into getting that program from zero to where it was when the purge of the Serious occurred in 2007.A sincere 'thank you' to you, your guests, and all of the First Generation.

  5. >"A lot of work went into getting that program from zero to where it was when the purge of the Serious occurred in 2007."Ah, yes. Those heady days of 05 and 06 were fun…much more so than the self disgorging in 07.Anyway, I'm glad that I was able to help some in the early days.Keep your powder dry,Atlas Shrug

  6. >Got a good chuckle about the NYT slide caption referring to a "(hypothetical) tyrannical government."Oh right, because tyranny only exists in fantasy, concept, and ancient literature.

  7. >Personally, I like the Dark Side, we get all the hot chicks and the dental plan is better.I didn't leave one of my usual menacing threeper rants in the comments. I respect the hell out of "Fred" and the tightrope he has to walk to keep his message pure, and he doesn't need me peeing in his pool.I have to wonder, however, about the logical disconnect required to predict our imminent "scooping up", or advocating our disarmament on the grounds of being "delusional", or calling us racists and traitors and all manner of narsty names, and then wonder why it is we see the need to defend ourselves.

  8. >Temnota, I fully agree with your statement about nasty remarks. Some of these libtards who consider themselves to be passive, non-violent in nature, turn around and post some of the most venomous remarks I've ever read. They accuse us of every nasty thing under the sun and you realize they want you dead because they are so afraid we will murder them in their sleep. They must disarm us before we kill all the children in every schoolground across America. And being the inbred hillbillys that we are, we're too dumb to have any common sense either. Unlike them.Yes, I will remain armed. To protect myself from those who wish to protect me from my own stupidity. And to protect our Constitution from these fools. To the other early Appleseed shooters, thank you also.Semper Fi,0321

  9. >"Ah, yes. Those heady days of 05 and 06 were fun…much more so than the self disgorging in 07."I'll never forget the lesson that Pete gave us in target range approximation – Crack and Boom. A real enlightening experience. Thanks Pete, and thanks Atlas. Two of the greats live on… here in the fight for freedom. I'm still learning, still absorbing. Keep it up.- RBC I attendee.