>Lonesome Rhodes Suckles From The Beast

>Alvie at The Cliffs explains.

3 responses to “>Lonesome Rhodes Suckles From The Beast

  1. >Not surprising. Jsut another Hollywood has-been trying to keep his face in the limelight. The real disappointment was "Gunny" R. Lee Ermey, who blasted the patriots in uniform who questioned Barry's birth origins, vis-a-vis his legitimacy as their C-in-C. This is why you should not take actors seriously, even "conservative" ones. Keep preparing, keep planning, and keep quiet.

  2. >He got his. Too bad about ours. Did he conclude "So sign up today, neighbor, and avoid that $5,000 noncompliance fine"? Child psychologists know that giving a child two options of YOUR choice gives them the ILLUSION of self-determination. Too bad we're not children, huh?

  3. >It appears that Alzheimer's Disease has struck again. Another old timer with a mushy brain.