>Of What Use The November Elections?

>Malone Vandam honestly faces one of the Hard Questions, while Billy Beck reminds us of those who will be voting in November and those who govern.

Ponder deeply, please, Billy’s point of emphasis:

It cannot be referred to as a state of freedom when anyone must beg permission to produce under threat of force.

Do you understand?

Or do you seriously believe that the Boehners, McConnells, and Cantors of the world even understand the statement above?

9 responses to “>Of What Use The November Elections?

  1. >The November Elections will be useful in that they will be a reference to the time when things were much, much, less scary. And to when people actually believed that everything would be ok.

  2. >From about 50 miles south of DC all the way up the east coast to Boston is just one big mass of agglutinated urban decay and corruption masquerading as the pinnacle of Western Civilization. What if ALL the food trucks stopped running? I wouldn't mourn. Men traveling with stuffed animals? I travel with a fully-stuffed semi-auto pistol. I don't fly. Any more. Seeing these articles, will the Muslims and everyone else decide that they can conquer us with Patton's allegorical sock full of sh–?

  3. >Clear illustrations that not all problems are federal. I AM glad to hear Cantor mentioned as a collaborator, though. I've given him the storm warning. No need to write him anymore. He's chosen to serve Leviathan.

  4. >Voting is a complete waste. I'm casting my vote via non-compliance.

  5. >Voting comes down to this: would you rather get gang raped quickly or slowly. There's an argument either way. If it's fast, it's over quicker, but you get raped a lot more violently. Maybe you die, without taking them out with you. If it's slow, you have more time to try and find a weapon, or other way out. If they leave you alone for a while and go rape someone else, you have a much better chance of improvising a weapon. Either way you're raped. It's just a matter of how bad it is.

  6. >Voting will not be a waste this November. This is our last chance to at least slow things down. Slowing them down gives more breathing room to prepare for the inevitable. Neither Republicrat nor Demican can control the laws of economics. The knee-jerk reaction of the Leviathan to the coming depression will be to print money, which will lead to the Weimar Republic on steroids. And, when the Golden Horde realizes their govt freebies won't cover their Mad Dog 20-20,Mickey Big Mouth, junk food, i-tunes, cell service, condoms, Pell Grants, dope, CD's, etc., they will just boil out of their ghettos and barrios and take what they want. Picture one hundred simultaneous Katrinas. I hold no hope or trust in Cantor, Palin, Gingrich, McConnell, Graham, and their bleached-blond cheerleaders on Faux News. But, the anger of the tea-partiers and independents could put enough "spoilers" in Congress to sidetrack Barry's march towards Marxism for another 2-3 years. By then, all bets are off. And, if you haven't gotten ready, count on being swept away.

  7. >I'm with Defender – my stuffed "buddy" is hard as steel too.'o )And, I DO fly!Flying with a handgun is the *ONLY* way you'll be permitted to put a *REAL* lock on your luggage, the *ONLY* way to be sure it's not ransacked "backstage" and the *ONLY* way to be sure it will arrive when you do. Many people advocate flying with a "prop" gun or a flare-gun even when going to places where real ones are banned for the aforementioned reasons.FTR, when I land, I go straight from "baggage claim" to the nearest rest-room, where I use the extra space available to load up and strap in — all 100% legal-like of course.You can have your "woobie"…DD

  8. >PS: I'm so stunned by the whole "furry friend" thing that I can only turn to KdT's incredible wisdom:http://www.nbssportfishing.com/vBforum/f24/pussification-western-male-9528/DD

  9. >Another vote for non-voting here. I refuse to let those leeches have any of my consent. I will not give them an iota of legitimacy for their crimes, by voting. For any one of them. Most importantly, I haven't got the right to take your money through a politician. "Get out there and vote: because it's not rape if you give your consent!"