>The Case For Two Guns

>Read all of this article from Gabe Suarez and Warrior Talk News.

Then try it.

Or do you prefer to test the drone imagery capture and consequent reactions of State Security to that rifle slung over your shoulder, once things start getting truly sporty?

Smart guys die later.

Much later, if at all possible.

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  1. >I recent purchased a Smith 39-2 for carry and a Smith 3914 as a backup.(because I like the way they fit my hand, okay) The 3914 can use the 39 mags although reverse isn't true. So the simple solution is one mag in each pistol and carry four spare 9-rounders for the 39. End result is 51 rounds total. If that won't let me get back to my shotgun/rifle, I have made a serious(and possible fatal) judgement error, heh, heh.

  2. >Ok, that is great the Gabe wears to guns there, but how does he sit down? When I try to wear my gun there, when I sit down, it juts out in a blatant way, and tries to punch a hole in my abdomen. I am not fat, so don't go there.

  3. >I've had thoughts and several discussions lately about carrying concealed and actually USING your weapon on a bad guy. I've come to the conclusion that if you engage a bad guy and kill him, or worse only wound him, law enforcement in Pennsylvania will hang you out to dry. Especially the governor's goon, the PA State Police.Having written the above….don't ever think for a moment law enforcement and the judiciary will be on your side. They won't. And what it will simply boil down to is this axiom: "Better to be tried by 12 than carried by six."Two firearms or one. You're fucked if you pull it out and shoot a deserving individual.DANIII

  4. >Jay:Have you tried two behind (one on each hip)?

  5. >Jay,I have the holster that he's using on the right (his left), and it very much allows me to sit down with it. It rides higher than a normal IWB holster, such as an Uncle Mike's or Blackhawk or something which are intended to be used in traditional behind the hip carry. The holster I have is the Archangel Appendix Inside the Waistband, and is made specifically for appendix carry, although it will work behind the hip, as well. Because it rides higher, it will move out of the way better when you sit down, unless you have a large abdominal region, but that's fairly easily remedied (exercise).It actually allows for a surprising amount of mobility, including running, kneeling, crawling, etc.I highly recommend appendix carry, but haven't tried wearing a brace of pistols.

  6. >Jay – You have to bear in mind that on top of using specific hardware, Gabe is using semi-custom kydex for his carry method. It's production grade stuff, BUT it's specifically designed by Fricke to be worn on the front of the pants with minimal footprint and minimal pokey-ness into the crotch area. Everybody has a different build – some people can get away with stashing a G21 appendix style, people with smaller frames can only do it w. an LCP or 642 revolver. I have some neat custom leather for appendix carry, and even though it's great for concealment, and awesome for driving (quick access even w. a seatbelt) – it's only marginally comfortable when sitting for long periods of time. All that said, try appendix carry – even mexican style – esp if your threat model dictates that you are carrying in non-permissive environments or dealing w. ecqc distances. It works & it's a FAST draw. In most situations, people are less likely to casually brush against your appendix area rather than your hip or back.CA – the whole idea behind appendix carry is that it's 1) A faster draw than from behind the hip, especially useful when dealing with nastiness sub 2-3ft.2) More discrete than any form of hip carry (on most ppl)3) Easier to run with, easier to grapple and access with.4) How about winter with additional layers of clothing?5) Typically where the "bad guys" have stashed their gear. Old saying is good guys keep it behind their hip, bad guys hide it in front. Why? Look back at 1-3.It's doable, but you need the right gear, and to take the time to relearn, then train, train and train some more.

  7. >Jay said,"When I try to wear my gun there, when I sit down, it juts out in a blatant way, and tries to punch a hole in my abdomen."All of us are different. Just because you are not fat, does not mean that your body type lends itself to this carry. If you go to the Warrior Talk forum, you would find that those that carry this way, had to get used to it.Also, a compact, G-19 vs. G-17, seems to do better.Even so, there are other ways to carry more than one gun. Read the article. You will also find that having your extra magazines located at different places also has it's advantages.There is no right or wrong here. Some things do offer advantages. With this appendix carry, it is faster out of the holster, with less arm articulation.By the way, all of this is academic unless you train this way. The one place that will consider letting you do so, is Suarez International. You may have to prove to the instructor that you can be safe doing so, but where else will consider it?Shameless plug, (off)SSSuarez International Staff Instructor, Illinois