>But The Election Will Fix…Something

>First read this article from the former DoJ lawyer who left his job as a FedGov voting rights attorney over the New Black Panthers abomination.

Then read Rachel Peepers’ take on the resulting potential disenfranchisement of .mil folks from NY, Delaware, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Washington.

Any questions?

2 responses to “>But The Election Will Fix…Something

  1. >I heard a National Public Radio talk show host respond to a woman concerned about racism in the Tea Party. He said he was aware that that was a false accusation and urged listeners to research the movement for themselves. She hadn't, of course. Easier to be lulled by progressive propaganda. I'm glad to be on the side that doesn't need to LIE to win.

  2. >The shift in which party controls the legislative branch, if it occurs, won't cfhange much.First of all, POS's like John McCain, Olympia Snow, and other progressive Republicans will be in leadership positions. They'll be chairmen of key committees, they'll do exactly what they did in 1995.Unless all of those leftist Republicans suddenly resign (or die), there's going to be a lot of disappointed people on 3 November, 2010, they'll be even sicker when they learn who has the committee chairs.