>D2: A Note To Preppers

>Robb hits the point with precision.

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  1. >I happened to see on one of those newstainment shows that elites like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are giving away most of their accumulated billions. To what causes? And is it a sop to establish goodwill among us future Dust Bowlers so we won't surround their compounds when the bottom drops out?

  2. >Robb is right on the money. That's why I live where I live now, why I've cultivated relationships with most of my neighbors, particularly those whose families have lived here for generations. I also live in this state because I was born in this state, that makes a difference in this part of the country.The goal of the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) and other systems to control food crop production is to enable government to confiscate food from the rural areas for transport into the cities during D2, perhaps permanently. With the cities on the verge of financial collapse, they'll be unable to provide basic services, including an inability to supply food for those they've brought into dependency for multiple generations. The cities are essentially "three meals away from a massive riot".Another benefit of living in this state is our ability to feed all who live here, we have rice plantations for example. I grow wine/food grapes for another.I do see an issue of having to defend what we have in our state, then county, and then neighborhood from the US government. I view the US government as our greatest threat.

  3. >"It requires people with the skills/equipment to contribute to it…" There are many great auctions taking place all over the country. I've been buying all of the machining equipment(and material)that I can afford. Note: On any given day there are hundreds of tons of machining equipment freight moving south into MEXICO! Price paid – pennies on the dollar. – Buy Now, before its to late.

  4. >Tom Baugh wrote an entire book on the subject.It will require individuals understanding the real threat to freedom, and taking the initiative to acquire the skills/equipment to contribute to a society/economy that refuses to feed and support the #1 threat to freedom. Which Government is only a symptom/product of.This is not going to be easy 