>Two From Denninger

>Karl Denninger drops the hammer on two well-aimed shots:

Here Come The Shills (Social Security)

Bill Black Lays It Out (Again)

Read ’em and weep.

2 responses to “>Two From Denninger

  1. >So, my dear economists and analysts, what happens when there are no more cookies in the cookie jar? And, even more relevant, when do we run out of cookies? The Cassandras such as Denninger, John Galt Shenandoah, the kooks on Infowars, International Forecaster, et. al. have been hammering away for months now: Chaos and insolvency are just around the corner. But, the Fed keeps monetizing the debt, and Amerika keeps staggering on. Just imagine, if you will, some federal hack saying next month SS checks will be cut 25%. There would be another march on Washington, but nothing like Glen Beck's peaceful lovefest. Politicians and the Wall Street gangsters would be swinging from the lampposts. And, they know it. So, Barry, Ben, Timmy, and the Wall Street marching magicians will continue to keep juggling all the balls in the air, printing money and selling our worthless paper the the Chinamen, who are stuck to us like bugs on flypaper. The market is still hovering around 10K and the shills on CNBC are still talking recovery. Your words of financial armageddon are ringing hollow.