>When Baking Bread Becomes a Revolutionary Act

>GardenSERF explains.

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5 responses to “>When Baking Bread Becomes a Revolutionary Act

  1. >My families been revolutionary for years then. We buy wheat in bulk and grind it ourselves. Be careful when you first start transitioning from store bought sawdust to real bread. It can mess with you if do a cold turkey leap. And there's a multitude of grains to experiment with.

  2. >Great article. Keep up the good work.

  3. >That is some good-looking bread! The salmonella scare of the last two weeks, from one Midwest Big Agra egg farm shipping to stores in about a dozen states, the feed in the laying houses contaminated with pooling chicken feces and dead rodents… Centralization is ALWAYS bad. But you're right, Big Gov would rather have us get those FDA-approved commercial eggs than the free-range natural ones from our neighbors or local farmers WHOSE FACILITIES *WE* are familiar with.

  4. >We've been doing that for years. 31 cents over 3.00 + at the stores for a loaf of bread? Got chickens? are you canning and growing it yourself as well? It's never to late…. CIII

  5. >Bread is the tool of tyrants, it is the food of slaves.