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>Quote Of The Week


La Revolucion is like a great love affair. In the beginning, she is a goddess. A holy cause. But… every love affair has a terrible enemy: time. We see her as she is. La Revolucion is not a goddess, but a whore. She was never pure, never saintly, never perfect.

And we run away, find another lover, another cause. Quick, sordid affairs. Lust, but no love. Passion, but no compassion. Without love, without a cause, we are… *nothing*!

We stay, because we believe. We leave, because we are disillusioned. We come back, because we are lost.

We die, because we are committed.

Jesus Raza, played by Jack Palance, in The Professionals (1966), Columbia Pictures

>Porretto: The Professionals – Parts I, II, & III


No, not the Lee Marvin/Burt Lancaster classic.

A much more seamy and cutthroat crowd — the professional politician and their parasites, each in it purely for himself or herself.

Fran Porretto is in the middle of his analysis:

Part I

Part II

Part III

He begins Part I with:

When force is the standard, the murderer wins over the pickpocket. — Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

There are times when the restatement of the obvious is the most important duty of the public thinker. The truth of Rand’s statement above should be impossible for anyone to ignore. It takes very little intelligence even to comprehend it. Yet a great many Americans act — and vote — as if it were false.

So it’s time for an explication…

Read and think, and remember how dangerous the herd is.

They will stomp and kill you, simply out of fear or even crowd mentality.

Just think what they will do when purposely excited….

>President 40/60


As you read the latest from VDH, contemplate what desperate egomaniacs have done time and again throughout history as their fortunes declined.

Alvie has.

Yeah, I feel sick, too.

>Communism’s "Collapse"?


Read this Front Page article via Washington Rebel for some potent commentary on Bolshie shapeshifting, post 1989.

Favorite graf:

…Let me start with a fresh Polish joke about a conversation between two pigs in a barn:

Pig #1: “You know, I cannot believe that they are feeding us and looking after us just because they are kind. They must have some ulterior motive. In the end, they will probably kill and eat us.”

Pig #2: “Oh, stop this. To hell with your conspiracy theories!”

Read it all.

And you thought Corpse in Armor was fiction…..

UPDATE 0045 EDT 29 SEPTEMBER 2010: Kerodin sends some extrapolation from the thesis of an extant Communist international mechanism, and how assets from that apparat might exploit political chaos in the US.

But that stuff only happens in movies, right?

Red Dawn remake, anyone?

>JDA: Ambrose Evans-Pritchard Repents For His Dirty Fed Love


Having read this confession in the Telegraph, Junior Deputy Accountant takes the taser of justice to allegedly-repentant loose-money groupie Ambrose Evans-Pritchard.

And discharges it repeatedly.

>Preparing For The Universal Ummah


Please read this article by Bat Ye’or in The American Thinker, along with commentary at the Gates of Vienna.

Nothing to see here….move along….religion of peace…just like any other.

We now return you to your regular programming.

>NRA’s Chris Cox — From ‘The Cliffs’


(click to enlarge)

Pure win, from Alvie at The Cliffs of Insanity.

>800 Pound Gorillas


NRA-PVF Chairman Chris Cox and staff meet Saturday with Democratic party officials regarding the 2010 election contest between incumbent Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D- NV) and challenger Sharron Angle.

David explains in his latest Examiner column.

>Things That Make You Say "Hmmm"…


Sinclair links to this WSJ article on Chinese production and export of “rare earth” metals.

Read it all, but here is my fave section:

…Over the past year, China has imposed global export quotas on the elements. Its Commerce Ministry has said total exports for the year would be capped at just under 30,300 metric tons, down 40% from last year. Only 7,976 tons of that were allocated for the second half of this year. Experts say much of that has already been shipped.

That has spurred anxiety among government officials and industry executives. Delegations from the U.S., Germany, and Japan have implored Beijing to recognize how critical they consider sustained supply…

Betcha all that imploring impressed history’s most successful mass-murderers a whole bunch….

Nobody likes a beggar.

Think the Chinese have forgotten this?

Or this?

Put another way, the Chinese remember and are deeply ashamed about how the imperial powers of 1900 (including the US, Germany, and Japan) divided their country in the wake of the failed Boxer Rebellion.

Do you think our surviving descendants will have forgotten about the upcoming multi-player gang-rape of the former United States a mere 110 years after the fact?

For the answer to that question, ask our Southern brethren and sistren today about 1865 and “Reconstruction”.

>"The Only Ceiling On Gold Now Is The Existence of Western Civilization Itself"


Thus closeth Shenandoah, riffing off Ambrose Evans-Pritchard’s latest gloomstorm in the Telegraph.

Silly scare-mongering Brit-twit — what with your “nothing like this has been seen since the 1930s” twaddle.

Don’t you know these guys are riding to the rescue?

As for me, one of these near a nice hill with strong sightlines out past 1500 metres is sounding pretty good about now:

If I start now, the foilage concealment can be fairly well integrated with the overhead cover by spring.

Got survivability?

>They Know The Warning Signs

Go to Kevin’s place, read the background, then watch the video above.

I’d say pass it on, but more and more, I am realizing that the people who are already awake are our only friends in the coming Excitement.

Put it this way — I don’t think Snooki and her pals in the Democratic People’s Republic of Neu Jersistan will be joining the Resistance anytime soon.

Oh, well…

>Beck: More On Beck


Who’s Who On Radio

Over at Facebook, Rich Nikoley asked me:

“Curiosity, Billy. Setting aside (if you can, just imagine yourself a great actor) obvious philosophical/ethical shortcomings of all of the radio/teevee pundits, how do you stack G Beck amongst the rest – Rush, Savage, Hannity et all? Though spitting fleas’ hairs…”

Beck’s heart is in the right place. Seriously.

I’ve been paying attention to him for over a year now, and it has been remarkable to watch this guy turn up some his own education the ways that he has. I see no one in the public sphere like that, learning right in front of everyone like he is. His research is the best in broadcast media today: no one is going as deep he is in history.

The failure that I see in him is his integration of principles. He doesn’t really have a theory with which to analyze what he’s seeing and what to do about it — although I must say that his agitation for civil disobedience is right on. His cautions against violence are necessary, and he seems to understand that political dimension of threat from the left.

His bottom line, however, is religion, and that’s just nowhere near good enough. He’s going crash his own program on those rocks.

Hannity, Savage, and Levin are pikers by comparison. I can’t stand Hannity: he’s a gibbering idiot. Savage is almost a Jack Kerouac, awake on the wrong side of the bed after fifty years. Levin: you have him right. He’s having too much fun with himself.

Only Limbaugh compares with Beck now, and his logic is stunted. Briefly: that fool thinks we’re going to vote our way out of this. He’s dead wrong. He should now be taking lessons from VDH’s article yesterday on “A Nation Of Peasants”. That should be a wake-up to people like him. Within the bounds of his logic, however, Limbaugh is very good.

>Why Do YOU Obey The Law?


Denninger asks yet another hard question.

Read all of it, and then tell me this:

When bankrupt retirees and homeless people are tearing financial industry personnel, their lawyers, their regulators, and their other accomplices to bloody shreds, are you going to intervene with the crowd and urge them to desist, lest they “become the evil” they seek to punish?


>Running Before The Gunning


GardenSERF sends a great piece on physical conditioning.

Read the essay, then do the work.

Lack of conditioning will kill you, even if everything else is beer and skittles-crapping unicorns.

And it ain’t.

>Moscow Rules


Based on material from A Guidebook For Beginning Sweepers, this explanation of operational rules in hostile environments is dated and in need of a good editor, but nonetheless contains much goodness.

The wiki on the Moscow Rules is also useful.

Those who understand that we live in a national surveillance state will conduct themselves differently and more successfully than those who don’t.

Pretty simple.

But not easy.

Be thoughtful, comrades.

>Denninger: Bernanke Is A Three-Time Loser


Karl Denninger lays out the facts behind his call for the impeachment of FedHead Ben Bernanke.

Read it all, and remember this maxim from intel work:

Once is an accident. Twice is coincidence. Three times is an enemy action.

>WROL: Holder’s DOJ & The New Black Panthers

>Watch the Election Day 2008 video above, read the background information here, then watch this video of the live testimony of Christopher Coates, former Voting Section Chief with the Department of Justice, on Friday before the US Commission on Civil Rights.

Transcript here.

Hot Air coverage here.

Do you understand yet?

Oh, and by the way: Attorney General Holder is the HMFIC of the BATFE and a key influence on the FBI.

But you knew that already.

UPDATE 0945 AM EDT 24 SEPT 2010: The WaPo carries the story, which features some snotty “nothing to see here” denials by a DOJ spokeswoman.

Nothing thus far from Xochitl Hinojosa, however.

>You & The Police

Watch both videos (part I above; they’re also permanently posted on the WRSA left margin under “Practical Resources”):

Never Ever Talk To The Police – Part I

Never Ever Talk To The Police – Part II

Then pass them on, while you practice saying “I want my lawyer” – and absolutely nothing more.

The forty-five minutes spent watching these vids, along with 15 minutes of practice 3X/week, is the smartest time you’ll spend this weekend.

>Without Rule Of Law: An Episode Following The 4/19 Rally


Read the details at Restore The Constitution.

And someone put a call into Xochitl Hinojosa in the Civil Rights Division of DOJ.

>Playing Chess With The Imams


From Gates of Vienna:

As is often noted, political Islam — which is sometimes referred to as “radical Islam” or “Islamism” — is a totalitarian ideology. All four schools of Sunni Islamic law, along with Shi’a jurisprudence, affirm the orthodox political interpretations of the Koran and the hadith that justify the establishment of an all-powerful theocratic state by any and all means. These interpretations of Islam’s core scriptures are validated by traditional doctrine as taught by scholars at all major Islamic universities, especially the most prestigious of them all, al-Azhar University in Cairo.

For these reasons we may assert that Islam is inherently totalitarian. Muslims themselves may or may not have totalitarian tendencies — it’s certainly true that many millions of Muslims, whether they really believe in their religion or not, are politically apathetic and indifferent to any practical political application of their creed. But official Islamic doctrine promotes a totalitarian political philosophy.

Westerners who long for a “reform” of Islam — which they imagine will somehow purge Islamic theology of its violent tendencies — fail to realize that a reform is already well underway. The latest wave began in 1928 in Egypt with the founding of the Muslim Brotherhood by Hassan al-Banna, and it continues to this day. Followers of al-Banna have returned to the core scriptures of Islam and studied the life and sayings of Mohammed. They take what is written in these texts and commentary seriously, and are thus driven to implement various totalitarian political practices, through violent means or otherwise.

John J. Dziak points out that political Islam, like other totalitarian systems such as those of China, Cuba, the U.S.S.R., and Nazi Germany, takes the form of a diffuse counterintelligence state, with its typical characteristics:

The residual influence of Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia on Islamism may be seen precisely in the assimilated features of the counterintelligence state absorbed by both radical Islamic movements and radical Islamic regimes: the multiplicity and redundancy of intelligence and counterintelligence services with counterintelligence being the preferred tendency; fixation with conspiracies and incessant conspiratorial intrigue; provocation and associated deception; conspiracy-laced propaganda and very sophisticated information warfare campaigns; draconian police state tactics, this time justified by theocratic strictures vice party dogma. In its drive to nuclear power status Iran, especially, has shown adeptness at deception in masking the weapons side of its program, and in information warfare and propaganda with its bombast of military prowess aimed at strong anti-war sentiment in the U.S.

Many Westerners had trouble grasping the nature of the U.S.S.R., and they are no better at understanding the workings of the Islamic counterintelligence state. Iran is a good example: we treat it as if it were a Western democracy, with a parliament (the Majlis) as a legislative authority, a judiciary (the mullahs and ayatollahs) and an executive (President Ahmadinejad). However, there is at best a superficial resemblance between these structures and their Western counterparts. Politics in Iran is conducted quite differently from what we are used to. It is opaque to us because its operations proceed according to the internal logic inherent to a counterintelligence state…

Read the rest.

And yes, Islam is but one of the threats faced by the FreeFor, both here and across the world.

But it is a formidable foe, and has proven, over centuries, willing to do anything in order to further its objectives.

Has the FreeFor?


Lose your illusions.