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>Steyn: Sovereignty & Territory


From Mark Steyn:

All this week at SteynOnline, we’re looking at what I regard as the key issues in this year’s big vote. I’d love to hear your thoughts, so drop us a line at Mark’s Mailbox. Following Monday’s musings on money, Tuesday’s on the new class divide, Wednesday’s on hyper-regulation, and Thursday’s on the shriveling of federalism, we conclude today with what one longtime observer regards as the critical question.
In the Nineties, the “culture wars” were over “God, guns and gays”. The overreach of the statists has added a fourth G: Government itself is now a front in the culture war, and a battle of the most primal kind. 

Is the United States a republic of limited government with a presumption in favor of individual liberty? Or is it just like any other western nation in which a permanent political class knows what’s best for its subjects? 

Pat Cadell, the former Carter adviser and Democratic pollster, surveying popular discontent over the summer distilled it to a single question:
Who is sovereign? The people or the political class?
To which the political class responds by modifying Barbra Streisand:
People? People? Who needs people?
In California, the people can pass a ballot proposition, but a single activist judge overrules them. In Arizona, the people’s representatives vote to uphold the people’s laws, but a pliant judge strikes them down at Washington’s behest. It is surely only a matter of time before some federal judge finds the constitution unconstitutional. It is never a good idea to send the message, as the political class now does consistently, that there are no democratic means by which the people can restrain their rulers. As Pat Cadell points out, the logic of that is “pre-revolutionary”…

Read the rest.

Does anyone hear a drum in the distance?

The Muster Drum

Do ye hear the roll of the Muster Drum
Rattlin’ in your brain?
Can ye hear the tramp of Redcoat files
Comin’ up your lane?
Rifle and horn and hawk ye have.
Will ye join us in The Fight?
Then find a tree or wall, Good Friend,
And mark well your bright front sight!

For they’re comin’, Lad, they’re comin’ fast,
Their bayonets agleam.
And maybe we can’t stop ’em here
And maybe they’ll cross your stream,
To burn your house and barn, my lad,
Put your family out in the night!
Then find a tree or wall, Good Friend,
And mark well your bright front sight!

We can harry ’em, harry ’em, in the road,
‘Til they wish they’d never come
To confiscate our powder and arms
And carry off our Gun!
We can show the World we’re Free Men
Who’ll Stand, Defend the Right!
Now find that tree or wall, Good Friend,
And mark well your bright front sight!

A Nation of Riflemen we can be,
If you’ll enlist and arm and train!
Our ghosts are waiting for you, Friend,
On range and firing lane.
Can YOU hear the roll of the Muster Drum
By your fireside warm and bright?
Will YOU rise to find YOUR tree or wall
And mark well YOUR bright front sight?

For the need is NOW, my stranger Friend,
And it’s urgent and it’s plain.
The forces ranged against us
Now have everything to gain.
Take up the Call! Raise high your heart!
Answer the Muster Roll!
Stand shoulder-to with Friend and Friend.
Learn teamwork. Have a goal!

And mebbe, just mebbe, you won’t be alone
Some cold and fearsome night
When to live you must find your tree or wall,
And mark well your bright front sight!!


To all freedom-lovers in the former USA and Canada:

Stand ready.

>Betsey Markey & Other Traitors


TL Davis posts at American Rebel.

The Bad People intend to proceed, no matter what happens on Tuesday.


Then win.

No matter what.

Whatever it takes.

By any means necessary.

And woe unto anyone who gets in the way.

>Jack O’ Lantern III


Happy Halloween (again), this time from Sipsey Street.


>The End Of Liberty


Kill your TV cable feed (literally, if you dare) and spend 75 minutes watching this video from the National Inflation Association, courtesy of FireplaceGuy.

Then get your family and relatives to watch it.

Most will pooh-pooh its examination of the tightening noose.

Those folks, by their denial and scorn, have removed themselves from your “responsible” list.

Concentrate your efforts on the few who will get it.

>HP 40: More On The Alabama RTC Rally


Read all of Alvie’s speech, then contemplate where we are and how far we have to go.

Let’s roll.

>Video From The ATL RTC 10/30 Rally

Dan reports.

Other imagery and reports as received.

>Fifteen Missouri Counties Have More Voters Than Population


Read this important story from Atlas Shrugs.

Would a snark on the theme of “‘Show Me’ State” be appropriate?

Your suggestions solicited below.

>Happy Halloween!


Blame Maggie.

Or Sodahead.

>Two RTC Reports: Horse Pens 40, Alabama & Atlanta/Little 5 Points


Reports pending on TX and NM, but all well/safe in both AL and GA.

Mike gives a brief report and text of his speech at Horse Pens 40 here.

Meanwhile, in a very diverse section of urban Atlanta amongst several street alcohol researchers:

the Georgia RTC team captured the quote of the week from an anonymous Atlanta police officer:

If you guys were here more often, our job would be a lot easier.

The ATL PD officers were completely professional, and we had numerous lively discussions with folks from all over the political spectrum. As acts of civil disobedience, some RTC members sold glasses of raw milk from a local dairy, while others hired and paid some of the itinerant attendees less than the minimum wage to keep parking issues handled.

We also had a special guest attendee: Chuck Donovan, Libertarian candidate for US Senate in Georgia, who open-carried his sidearm and spent the entire rally talking to passers-by about individual freedom.

Reports from our other two events and imagery as soon as possible.

Thanks to all for your support!

>Codrea: Interview With Larry Pratt Of GOA


Read it all, please.

>Neither Predator Nor Prey


From a weblog no longer around comes this entry, originally published in early October, 2005 by some  character calling himself “Cabinboy”:

As much of a fan as I am of Bill Whittle, I was a little disturbed by his latest essay. Not the whole essay, mind you, just the sheep/sheepdog metaphor.

Me — I don’t want anybody sniffing around me and nipping at my heels, trying to move me in the direction THEY think is best for me. I’m much more of a  Gadsen guy myself.

That’s why I am so happy that Mark Spungin, president of the  Wyoming Shooting Sports Association, has granted us his permission to republish his essay on what he believes is the proper totem for a Rifleman. The original version was published in the Casper, Wyoming Star-Tribune, and I have taken the liberty just to include an Algore link from today’s headlines.

I hope you’ll enjoy Mark’s essay, but more importantly, I hope you’ll heed his message:

While we like to regard ourselves as superior to “lesser” animals, we, as humans, do share important similarities. Animals are generally grouped into “predator” and “prey” categories. Humans, for the most part, also tend to fall into one or the other above categories. For this system, animal or human, to work properly, there must be a considerable preponderance of prey species and a small number of predatory species.

However, in the human as well as the animal world, a smaller category also exists. This group consists of those humans or animals who, either through genetics or conscious thought, choose to be neither predators nor prey. It is in that third category that I tend to include myself and fellow lovers of Liberty.

Our animal equivalent is perhaps best represented by the buffalo bull. This formidable creature is indigenous to Wyoming and has been aptly selected as the state’s symbol. Generally peaceful by nature, the bull has little patience when harassed or threatened. They are also very protective of the cows and calves of the herd. In the long-ago days of the large buffalo herds and large wolf populations, the bulls would often have to surround the herd, shoulder to shoulder, in a circle. When a marauding wolf got too close, he would be gored by a bull’s horn, then flipped in the air and stomped into jelly by the bulls’ hooves when he hit the ground.

As humans, we have neither the massive strength, nor the hooves, nor the horns of the bull buffalo. However, what we do have – those of us who have chosen to be neither predator nor prey — are our infinitely more capable brains and that wonderful product of thousands of years of technology – the major-caliber main battle rifle. Just as the buffalo bulls, we too are ready to form into a circle to protect our women and children. Being of a much higher mental order, we have also included within that circle our rights, liberties, and values, along with our legitimate hopes and desires.

Our metaphorical circle is so much stronger and more difficult to penetrate than the physical circle formed by the buffalo bulls. They acted purely on instinct, and sadly were unable to adapt to the tactics and technology of the human predator, despite their unyielding devotion to their protective mission. On the other hand, we humans act on conscious thought, and therefore are highly adaptable, infinitely imaginative, and capable of both proactive and reactive defensive measures.

Our foes – the human wolves – are both no less ferocious and voracious than their animal counterparts. They too possess much more capable brains. While they do not physically kill and eat us, their ultimate goal is to enslave us totally and eat out our substance. For them to get into our protective circle, they must first de-horn and emasculate us. This is the real purpose of gun control in general, and all “assault weapon” bans in particular. Today’s human predators know that if they can remove our most effective tools of resistance, they will have achieved a potentially decisive edge in the “tooth and claw” category.

These human wolves also differ in several important ways from their animal counterparts. The alpha male of the canine wolf pack leads by example and is at the forefront of all aggressive actions. He has very much earned his leadership position and is of great value to the pack. The survival of the pack is of paramount importance, so the alpha male who fails is quickly replaced by a more competent one in a spectacularly violent transition.

At one time in history, the human alpha male differed very little from his lupine cousin. Thousands of years of “civilization” have changed this fact, especially here in the Western world. The predatory “leader” most likely to be encountered by lovers of Liberty very rarely leads from the front. His status is generally attained through family connections and/or political gamesmanship. He is not really even part of the pack that is sent forth to do the dirty work. These “leaders” – great or small – feel no sense of loyalty or obligation to the lesser predatory minions that they recruit. In general, today’s human wolves hold their teammates in contempt and consider their fellow pack members to be both highly expendable and easily replaced. Interestingly, another important difference between predators of the two-legged and four-legged kinds is that incompetence and failure rarely leads to the expulsion of a two-legged pack alpha. Former VP Al Gore is a perfect example – so clueless that he actually had to take lessons on how to be an alpha male, yet still howling to the world as if he were still relevant to anyone outside of his own family.

As men and women who have chosen to be neither predator nor prey, we have the brains and the tools to take advantage of our foes’ weaknesses. But make no mistake: just as on the rolling plains of old, any failure to detect and defend against today’s predators will lead to our demise. If the human wolves succeed, then all is lost. The traditional values, attitudes, beliefs, and practices of our American culture will remain only as moldering dead reminders of our country’s former greatness.

If we are to avoid the fate of the long-gone great buffalo herds, we dare not ignore the predators that lurk in the shadows of today’s domestic and international political landscape.

We must not deny our responsibility to encircle and protect both our loved ones and our cherished ideals from those who would eviscerate them.

And we simply cannot tolerate those who would render us extinct, be it for political, ideological, or theological reasons.

We are much smarter, and much better armed, than our brother – the bull buffalo.

But so are our enemies.

Only if we remain equally fierce, pitiless, and unyielding as the bull buffalo will we survive – as neither predator nor prey.

If you admire the spirit behind this classic freedom/resistance essay, you will both enjoy and benefit from Mark’s first novel, Neither Predator Nor Prey, as well as this JPFO interview with Mark. A sample section from the novel is here, and you can find Mike V’s review here.

Ordering information is here.

>The Ruckus, Part II


Kerodin posts the second part to this opener.

From his lips to God’s ears…but you’d be advised to have a Plan B (and not put all of your eggs in the Plan A basket).

As part of thinking through these issues, Witchwood sent this series of vids on the Chechen rebellion via comment here:

Immortal Fortress – Part I

Immortal Fortress – Part II

Immortal Fortress – Part III

Immortal Fortress – Part IV

Immortal Fortress – Part V

Watch all five videos, then consider The Trainer’s comments in the same string:

What I gathered from it:

1 – Homogenous people with strong sense of nationalism provides the ‘glue’ of unit cohesion.

2 – Self-concept of the average Chechen was that he was a warrior. Not so in the US. Not anymore, anyway. That will be an obstacle.

3 – Commitment is key. Dedication, motivation, and sincere loathing of one’s enemy.

4 – MW against AW. Chechen MW attempted to keep the initiative which demoralized the Russians in many instances, including when Chechens could instigate fratricide.

5 – Chechen units relied heavily on “commander’s intent” rather than strict orders. “Kill the Russians” was more important than strategic victory. To steal a line from a movie, they wanted to ‘kill all they send’ for the most part.

6 – Spiritual belief commonality. In this case, Muslim. In the US case, we must renew the sense of at least Judeo-Christian commonality in belief or there will be no ‘glue’. [Editor’s note: Using the Declaration of Independence as a foundational document will be an important adjunct, at the very least. I do not want to exclude right-minded folks who, for their own reasons, say ‘meh’ to the J-C framework but do live by recognizably-common ethics; e.g., Sikhs.]

7 – Spritual beliefs defeated fear.

8 – Force multiplication and ‘OJT’ training team deployment to ‘new’ groups idea.

9 – Scavanging of newly taken positions/equipment essential.

10 – Tactical errors by AW forces magnified by significant lack of preparation compounded by ‘conscription force’ mentality.

This is a great documentary to demonstrate what can be done to repel an invading force.

Hope for the best.

Plan and train for the worst.

Other suggestions welcome.

>Chuckie’s Coming…


Codrea explains.

Bring it.


>Steyn: The Decrepitude Of Liberty


Another killer entry in Mark Steyn’s pre-revolutionary look at the stakes in Election 2010.

Gravity and habit are tough to reverse.

Especially when, as with many of our “countrymen”, you’re too dim to know it.

>Denninger: The Tea Party – Again – On MSNBC And Elsewhere


Denninger continues to scourge the institutional/astroturf Tea Party and its refusal to accept Dead Elephant culpability for much of the current disaster.

The “GWB was a great American” crowd are part and parcel of the problem.

And it’s not getting fixed by the incoming clowns.

So, all you serious folks who can face facts?

Best to be ready at a minute’s notice.

The AR Party’s coming….

(illustration here by Brian F., with thanks!)

>The Ruckus


Alvie posts an excellent article from Kerodin at Memento Mori.

Just remember: those in the crowd used to the taste of government teat are going to see you and treat you as exactly what you are:

A mortal threat to their existence.

>The Democrats’ Final Recourse: Massive Vote Fraud


Read it all.

And download your copy of the SBYV comic here.

>The Six Trillion Dollar Problem (Is Just The Beginning)


Sinclair links to this recap article on Foreclosuregate.

Use it to get others a baseline understanding of the issue and its consequences.

BTW, here’s the latest unofficial count on the indebtedness of the entity supposedly “big enough” to corral Foreclosuregate; official count is here.

Do you understand yet?

>Baugh: A Plus B Equals Your Worst Nightmare


Baugh’s back, and he explains one of the many possibilities awaiting a country whose elites have savaged hundreds of millions of people across the world.

Read it, and know that the scenario he paints is just one to be filed under “Earned Retribution”.

>More Info On Alabama RTC Rally This Saturday At Horse Pens 40


Mike sends.

Details on all four RTC events here.

See you there.