>Denninger: The Tea Party – Again – On MSNBC And Elsewhere


Denninger continues to scourge the institutional/astroturf Tea Party and its refusal to accept Dead Elephant culpability for much of the current disaster.

The “GWB was a great American” crowd are part and parcel of the problem.

And it’s not getting fixed by the incoming clowns.

So, all you serious folks who can face facts?

Best to be ready at a minute’s notice.

The AR Party’s coming….

(illustration here by Brian F., with thanks!)

3 responses to “>Denninger: The Tea Party – Again – On MSNBC And Elsewhere

  1. >"If we do not fix it then it will destroy our Federal Budget – and nation."Correction: the federal budget has been destroyed and well, the nation (the people) will suffer the consequences of decades of bad government as a result.KPN3%

  2. >If the Republicans are the answer, it must be a really stupid question. Democrats are running a radio ad saying the Tea Party got America into an illegal war with Iraq and ran the federal deficit into the trillions. Big Lie. No, it was the RINO neo-con incumbents. Wanting more of the same is insane. But I guess that's why they put Obama on the throne. The people will accept the bitterest antidote, even if it's poison as well.

  3. >Our beloved media. CBS's "The Mentalist" Thursday: the gardener at a judge's palatial estate(!) is part of a bank robbery gang whose leader the judge convicted. Not just any bank robbers, but white supremacist neo-Nazi Aryan warrior bank robbers. Gratuitous, and suspicious timing. "The Medium's" new episode is about a vision of timebombs all over town. I wonder what the political persuation of the bomber will turn to be.