>Steyn: The Decrepitude Of Liberty


Another killer entry in Mark Steyn’s pre-revolutionary look at the stakes in Election 2010.

Gravity and habit are tough to reverse.

Especially when, as with many of our “countrymen”, you’re too dim to know it.

One response to “>Steyn: The Decrepitude Of Liberty

  1. >Great essay. I read fantasy novels and participate in medieval living history events. The idea that every little thing had to be approved by the nobility is correct, but has NO PLACE in America except for such fantasy roleplaying recreation. Government as Santa Claus quickly turns into government as Simon LeGree. Some of the "lords" and "ladies" in our little local MERITocracy can even get a little judgmental and pushy in the mundane real world. One long-timer told me my interest in knives and swords is "bad. Very bad." Maybe I can get some kind of EWOID (Edged Weapons Owner ID card) from our baron to make it OK…