>Fifteen Missouri Counties Have More Voters Than Population


Read this important story from Atlas Shrugs.

Would a snark on the theme of “‘Show Me’ State” be appropriate?

Your suggestions solicited below.

4 responses to “>Fifteen Missouri Counties Have More Voters Than Population

  1. >This Tennessee story seems to be election-related. The beginning sounds like another Ruby Ridge. Failure-to-show for a court date he didn't know about. Conservative outspoken against Obama's policies.http://www.thepostemail.com/2010/10/27/monroe-county-gestapo-beat-and-taser-retired-naval-commander/

  2. >But the elections will still fix all the problems…right? Otherwise I will have to move the line in the sand I have drawn again.:)

  3. >Just a few "bad apples" that permeate the entire region of Missouri and a few other localities. Gosh, I mean, are you trying to say that the whole institution of the State is a Ponzi scheme worked by the powerful for the sake of the powerful or something? Conspiracy theorist. Pffft. Who would build the roads? Who would protect you from foreign monsters? Who would protect you from terrorists, who hate you because you're free and want to land on American beaches and impose Shariah law on you and steal your freedoms in large duffelbags? If you don't support the State and its policies, you obviously hate your neighbors.

  4. >I have maintained for weeks now that the Demonrats will not only NOT LOSE control of EITHER house of congress, they will actually see a NET INCREASE in the number of seats they hold in BOTH houses. After tomorrow the GOP will be reduced to the role of loyal opposition (court jester?) in perpetuity.DAMN!! But I hope I'm wrong.Bad Cyborg X