>The End Of Liberty


Kill your TV cable feed (literally, if you dare) and spend 75 minutes watching this video from the National Inflation Association, courtesy of FireplaceGuy.

Then get your family and relatives to watch it.

Most will pooh-pooh its examination of the tightening noose.

Those folks, by their denial and scorn, have removed themselves from your “responsible” list.

Concentrate your efforts on the few who will get it.

3 responses to “>The End Of Liberty

  1. >A well-produced, carefully researched and very bitter capsule. A great primer for anyone who knows or vaguely feels that SOMETHING is wrong, but not what or why.

  2. >I've been really pleased with my silver investment from two years ago. IMO it will "crash" here at some point…as will gold and oil (food & agriculture, not so much). The FED must keep the illusion going.Don't be fooled. The FED can remove the dollars from the system at a moments notice. Expect massive deflation. You can't "fight the FED" as the saying goes. Everyone thinks we're headed towards massive inflation, but it's the biggest sucker bet in history. When the FED does pull the liquidity…it will be a great buying opportunity to buy PMs…if you have the cash of course. Think about it, most people are up to their ears in debt. Best bet now is to get out of debt if you can.Rich

  3. >Virginia: Unreasonable search and seizure: familial DNA. To catch one serial rapist whose DNA isn't in the convicted felon DNAbase, they'll try to find a relative through wide DNA sampling of innocent people and ID him that way. Where will they start, and how far will they go? And how much will people tolerate? I'm sure non-hit DNA profiles will be destroyed, har har.http://www.wtvr.com/news/wtvr-familial-dna-110110,0,5331200.story