>Two RTC Reports: Horse Pens 40, Alabama & Atlanta/Little 5 Points


Reports pending on TX and NM, but all well/safe in both AL and GA.

Mike gives a brief report and text of his speech at Horse Pens 40 here.

Meanwhile, in a very diverse section of urban Atlanta amongst several street alcohol researchers:

the Georgia RTC team captured the quote of the week from an anonymous Atlanta police officer:

If you guys were here more often, our job would be a lot easier.

The ATL PD officers were completely professional, and we had numerous lively discussions with folks from all over the political spectrum. As acts of civil disobedience, some RTC members sold glasses of raw milk from a local dairy, while others hired and paid some of the itinerant attendees less than the minimum wage to keep parking issues handled.

We also had a special guest attendee: Chuck Donovan, Libertarian candidate for US Senate in Georgia, who open-carried his sidearm and spent the entire rally talking to passers-by about individual freedom.

Reports from our other two events and imagery as soon as possible.

Thanks to all for your support!

3 responses to “>Two RTC Reports: Horse Pens 40, Alabama & Atlanta/Little 5 Points

  1. >I try to refrain from drunk posting but that rally sounds like a helping of pure awesome. Anyplace the Leo is that cool sounds like a place one could call home.Good job,Cory

  2. >Sounds great, wish I had been able to attend one of the two.As for the local denizens of the Little Five Points area, on Birmingham's Southside, a few years ago, it was common on any given summer evening to be approached by a variety of free-lance researchers in the drug and alcohol field as well as workers in the surrogate spouse programs, all offering me opportunities to invest in their important work.Since I remain relatively disease free, one may assume that I was unable to contribute.

  3. >What, that was Chuck Donovan! Man, I knew he looked familiar, but couldn't place him. Man, I'm bummed now. If I would have know that was him I would have walked right up to him and had a good conversation with him. What a missed opportunity. I actually voted for Chuck as well, he's a good man. Wish I could have met him.