>The Slippery Slope Just Tilted A Bit More


Silicon Greybeard analyzes that picture better than I could.

Read it all, please.

Then consider this quote and its embedded link for an alternative point of view.

4 responses to “>The Slippery Slope Just Tilted A Bit More

  1. >I would say that everything is going as planned per the transnationalist agenda: China, Russia, and the USA are being balanced so that one is not more powerful than the other and the individual countries of the EU have been yoked to the central government apparatus of the EU.Anything that looks like an economic collapse and subsequent riots will be much like the "box" police made for the British protesters yesterday. You can see one end of the box protesters were kept in as well as the single police van that was left for them to take some frustration out on:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnO0pye54xA

  2. >SERF, that's okay. Any such riot here will serve to keep "them" busy, thinking the rioters are "us" and the riots are all "we" got. No matter WHAT happens it will serve us well because from then on out it can only get better.

  3. >The brinksmanship accelerates around the Koreas. China says U.S.-South Korea naval exercises could provoke war (while North Korea shelling a S. Korean town is nothing serious). http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSL3E6MN0SQ20101126

  4. >Sounds like people everywhere are gettting tired of waste-tax more-and-spend more. Are the politicians taking salary cuts? The heads of those universities whose tuition increases are far outpacing costs and inflation and whose degrees will be as effective in a job search as a cereal box proof-of-purchase? Awakening.