>A Tool Of Independence


Read this tale of recent alternate dispute resolution proceedings south of the Border, and concentrate on the last several grafs.

Got MIG?

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  1. >Did they move the grafs? I don't see any.

  2. >Let me give you my perspective about the ongoing narco-insurgency in mexico. I am blessed to live just mere hundreds of yards from where that homemade armored truck was destroyed. Thank God that we are on the north side of the Rio Grande, but Mier is west of us, Los Guerras is almost directly across the river from us. That vehicle was destroyed in Los Guerra, not in Mier.Typical third world engineering, lots of mild steel, very little use of sloping armor to increase protection. The lack of spall armor on the inside made it a death trap before it was destroyed with either a LAW or rpg. The engine was not protected by anything better than plate steel, in any situation the destruction of the motor meant certain death to its occupants. The 2.0 version should improve on those weaknesses if anyone here is thinking about that potential, think double walled and sandbagged…. The actual conflict has descended into Mad Max world where brigands have control of the countryside and the govt has control of the cities on a good day. The gulf cartel leadership is much more likely to resist capture to the death, the zeta leadership is much more likely to let others do their dying for them. The GG is mostly mexicans, the zetas are employing many central american gangbangers as gunmen. The brigands tend to be zeta. Travel thru much of northern mexico at night is difficult if not impossible.There have been massive gunbattles lasting for hours, those seem to have diminished in the last two months. The army is firmly in control right now, that will change the moment they are withdrawn, nobody overthere is thinking coin.

  3. >That reminds me I should stock up on gas, wire, and torch tips…..thanks!

  4. >Our wacky government elites, banning drugs and guns. They knew exactly where it was going to lead. Ultimate chaos is needed before people will accept the ultimate tyranny.

  5. >Some things are best resolved at the community level.http://www.borderlandbeat.com/2010/11/mexican-marines-reconstruct-death-of.html"Though I may not be able to predict my demise- it won't be on my knees."

  6. >A better warhead design for such improvised vehicles is the HESH-high explosive squash head. Basically a plastic cup with your explosive, with the detonator at the base of the warhead… leave a spacer between it and the rocket motor. Upon impact, the cup shatters, the explosive splatters over a wide area and when the detonator at the warhead's base impacts on the targeted vehicle the wider area produces spalling all over the inside, if not totally blow a hole out of all proportion to the diameter of the weapon utilized.Now, if you want to construct a improvise armored vehicle, spaced armor, and spaced armor with sponge-like cavities helps deflect not only HEAT but HESH. Welding's always a good skill to have. So is foundry casting, machine shop skills.