>Codrea: ATF Attempting To Reclassify Small Arms Ammunition Without Public Input


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6 responses to “>Codrea: ATF Attempting To Reclassify Small Arms Ammunition Without Public Input

  1. >Any guns over .50 cal being stored at Lexington or Concord?Did King George send Gage,Smith,Pitcairn to try to confiscate those?Same issues, different day, Buckle up.The right of the people to keep guns under xx Caliber and yy Magazine Capacity and zz Powder, and to beg to openly/conceal with permit except at work/school/government buildings (the people's buildings) shall be regulated and restricted; for their own good..

  2. >I've just reclassified the ATF as a clown school. They must wear red squeaky noses and really big shoes. Hey, Michelle Obama suspended her jihad on obesity (while MIDDLE-CLASS people are now resorting to food banks and church food pantries to make it through the month) long enough to give us permission to eat some Thanksgiving dressing and a piece of pie. They're all out of touch, like past Pluto (which was a planet until it was "reclassified"), man. Ugly shotguns are not "destructive devices," and big cartridges are not explosives, even if the sporting arms associations agree with the ATF that 2+2=5.

  3. >Batfags and Fudds, Together Again, could be a country song.

  4. >Protecting rights and thereby ourselves & family, is a marathon, not a sprint.

  5. >What was often the last thing to go through a German sniper's head as he advanced on the Allies behind a shield of four-tenths-inch-thick steel plate? The big bullet from a British elephant gun. Their .303s just weren't getting it. Ah.

  6. >No government can allow its subject-victims sufficient military power to conveniently and cheaply ignore its dictates. Therefore, all government is gun control. RKBA and government cannot coexist; nobody can be allowed to raise an army able to resist the tax collector. The second amendment was in danger of working, so it was repealed almost immediately with the Whiskey Rebellion. The hollow shell that was left was only sufficient to deter small criminals, not large ones.WV: "phorst". What General Washington did to the taxpayers.