>Lind: On War, Essays 1-50


Take the time to read these 4GW essays by William S. Lind twice — once as an overview and again for notetaking.


Newcomers to the 4GW world can start here.

5 responses to “>Lind: On War, Essays 1-50

  1. >The concept of 4GW is stupid. War is inflicting defeat upon your enemy. All wars are the same and all are different. 100GW was a guy on a horse with a sharp stick. (Don't ask about long bows)

  2. >Studying 4GW while Fed.Gov is developing 5GW is useless, Citizen #15838-2G-4510. We note that you are currently located at 51° 38′ 31.2″ N, 1° 16′ 33.6″ W 51.642, -1.276. Also, you need to update your Adobe Flash plug-in, Citizen.(If you're going to launch your 4th Generation War, you'd better do it in the next year or two, while it's still possible to access the cellular network and the internet without a unique personal log-in and before the US version of China's national firewall goes up…)

  3. >As a Catholic Cardinal said recently, "The war against Islam will be won in the bedroom." You won't find a Catholic Cardinal saying that to the press. I heard it with my own ears, however. How's that for 4th Generation warfare?All wars are fought for over two things. Sometimes both. First, they are fought over places/things, second, they are fought over ideas. You cannot win a battle of ideas with physical violence. Only by A) believing true ideas which are in conformity with human nature as it is, and B) passing on your true ideas to your children, and to others.

  4. >Tam:Additional reading suggestions are always welcome, ma'am.

  5. >Most of what I've read thus far has been from just googling around, triggered by stumbling across a link from Scalzi's place to a think tank paper.The basic gist is this:Yes, 4GW and open-source warfare would spell the end of the modern nation-state and global capitalism… …in a world of cheap anonymous cell phones and cheap anonymous internet access and fairly unregulated travel.Which is why the nation-states that want to survive are putting an end to all that.Look at the world today's children are growing up in: Metal detectors, cameras, pat-downs and scanners… transparent backpacks and no pencils at school… this is what will be normal to them when they grow up.