>More On Fourth And Fifth Generation Warfare


The Architect And Fifth Generation Warfare

The Two Sides Of Grozny

Preparing For Urban Operations (scroll down for series of .pdf files)

Tactics For Urban Combat

Read and think, please.

5 responses to “>More On Fourth And Fifth Generation Warfare

  1. >The Two Sides Of Grozny=========1. "Hugging" tacticsSame as Vietnam.2.I was impressed by the fact that they altered the RPG round to enable a one shot kill. Need to delve into the particulars more.

  2. >I find it amazing that the Russians forgot everything they learned at Stalingrad and walked into Grozny with like noobs—Obviously, the Chechen didn't!

  3. >These are some really good resources. Thanks!

  4. >another good read;THE ULTIMATE SNIPERby Maj. John L. PlasterKPN3%

  5. >It would probably be appropriate to note that while the Chechens had the support or at least non-opposition of the urban population, in the US one should expect that EVERY resident of a large urban area is a pig sucker and will take ANY opportunity to inform on ANY opposition to The Establishment.