>Volk On Freedom


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From Oleg Volk.

3 responses to “>Volk On Freedom

  1. >Can't overstate the importance of Volk's work. And ya gotta love the eye for detail. Note how the logo is slightly off-center. Anatomically correct!Thing is, it is the TSA we're talking about. Do they even have one? Casual observation would suggest not, but then again being ready to address a FTS is part of the basic education, right?I still like the idea of walking away, better. But they do seem intent on removing every available option for peaceable change, and I suspect that there are more Matthew Quigleys out there than the thugs anticipate:I said I never had much use for one. Never said I didn't know how to use it.

  2. >Then in that case, we should resort to American Law.

  3. >MARINETTE, Wis. (AP) – An armed student burst into a high school classroom on Monday, taking more than 20 students and a teacher hostage. We know what option they DON'T have, if they're law-obeying good citizens, supposedly the kind of people the government wants MORE of.