>Despotism Made Easy


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Chris Muir cites to this precis.

Read, and then ponder how you and your tribe will prevail against the countless troops of angry monkeys in your AO.

5 responses to “>Despotism Made Easy

  1. >http://www.zerohedge.com/article/obama-freeze-government-salaries-all-time-high Obama as Mr. Subliminal: "We have to reduce the deficit [that I have increased more than all the president prior to Reagan COMBINED]."

  2. >I believe a wise man once said, "Kill them all. G*d will know his own."

  3. >Buy ammo in bulk and reload all that I can. If ya are not known before TSHTF don't come around…. Plus food and water storage with extras. Dennis III Texas

  4. >I love that photo.

  5. >I keep trying to remind those with well systems, especially shallow-well systems for sprinkler irrigation, that water storage is NOT as critical as it is made to seem:http://store.waterpumpsupply.com/hanpitpum1.html