>Federal Reserve Extends Its Swap Lines With ECB, BOJ, Other Central Banks


Read this Bloomberg story, please.

So if the Fed is the backstop to the global banking community, what’s the backstop for the Fed?



12 responses to “>Federal Reserve Extends Its Swap Lines With ECB, BOJ, Other Central Banks

  1. >Bueller ain't here. He got arrested for having a permanent marker at public school, which, somehow, is now "private property." http://newsok.com/using-marker-at-school-leads-to-okc-teens-arrest/article/3525768 Well, there's your answer to Columbine and Virginia Tech events. Teachers can just make a citizen's arrest. Problem solved. Now, on to the Fed story.

  2. >There IS no backstop. If we pretend there is though…It'll all be ok.Really.Justin

  3. >"An ounce of prevention" TEN YEARS AGO might have been more than a delaying action. "Stocks open flat after latest economic report" is an Associated Press headline this morning. Consumers didn't spend QUITE as much on Christmas as businesses had hoped. The REAL story — note the pathetic attempt to impart positive spin — is: "the Labor Department said that the number of people applying for unemployment benefits for the first time [in November] fell by 3,000 to a seasonally adjusted 420,000." A 1.4 percent drop. Who's left to lay off, I ask you? I still hear a commercial from the local luxury car dealership advising me that the new Jaguar is the best car for the money, though. I think the billionaire I used to work for is partial to Mercedes, though. Trickle-up poverty only goes so far and then stops.

  4. >Quite the shell game. See if you can guess where the dollar is.

  5. >I just came across a story that might interest your readers. Our thugocracy has now seen fit to seize your firearms for exercising your first amendment rights. This story is unbelievable. Still trying to figure out what law this pilot violated.http://thecivillibertarian.blogspot.com/2010/12/exercise-your-first-amendment-rights.htmlMaybe WRSA can help spread this story.

  6. >Frankenstein-I'll help, although my reader base is about me, my wife, and one other guy…

  7. >Frankenstein-I would point out that it was not his firearm, it was a federally issued firearm.Still.

  8. >Thank you, FG. Found this link there: http://www.news10.net/news/local/story.aspx?storyid=113529&catid=2 Pointing out HomeSec/TSA incompetence is even more dangerous than pointing out HomeSec/TSA sadism, apparently. It doesn't sound like he revealed security gaps the observant traveler couldn't have seen for himself. I doubt he would put this on YouTube without addressing it with the airport administrators first. But we know how our superiors hate to be second-guessed. Shame on the feds and sheriff's deputies. They have overstepped even their unconstitutional boundaries.

  9. >Sample of his video here, plus footage of his visit by the Only Ones. http://abcnews.go.com/WNT/video/whistleblower-pilot-exposes-security-lapses-12469489 If you've ever seen the ground crew duck in and out of unguarded doors with their slide-card ID, you've seen the kind of stuff the pilot was disciplined (and robbed) for showing. Stuff you can't help but see in the public areas of any airport.

  10. >Frankenstein: I found the pilot's YT channel (My Google-fu is STRONG!) — his user-name is "PatriotFlyer1" — where he notes:"…SORRY! Had to take down videos. I got a call from Corporate Security and TSA to remove videos. It only took them 2 days. Wow, I guess that they really don't want the PUBLIC to know how BAD the security is. Yes they found me that QUICK!! You should be scared!! …"DD

  11. >Let's see, who are we fighting this week. Eastasia or Eurasia?Doesn't matter, as long as we can keep the facade alive we're still in business. Long live the war on terror.0321

  12. >Looks like there's going to be some federal cross-pollination going on. Makes me think of how the police approach suspected crime houses with code enforcement workers and animal control or whatever. They can usually spot SOME kind of violation to get them inside without a warrant.http://sipseystreetirregulars.blogspot.com/2010/12/atf-to-be-cannibalized-from.html