>True Grit


Go see the Coen Brothers’ remake.

Great cast, great story, played straight.

Restorative, I’d say.

8 responses to “>True Grit

  1. >My first reaction to seeing the ads for this film was that it besmirched the memory of JW. But I'll take your endorsement and try to keep and open mind about it.

  2. >Yes!I went to see it over the weekend and enjoyed it….lots of shooting but not so gratuitously gory as many films of the modern era. Story line was well told and the acting was solid. Themes of honor, redemption and fortitude all came together to make a very enjoyable film.KPN3%

  3. >Saw it on Christmas Eve. Very good movie.

  4. >I've been grumbling since I first learned this movie was being made.The original is one of those movies that helps little American boys grow into proper men."…fill your hands you sonofabitch…" Classic!I have a very hard time putting Jeff Bridges in the Duke's boots…but, I'll take your word for it and go.I hope I hate it. ;)SamIII

  5. >And how! Saw it this weekend. Fantastic.Grenadier1

  6. >I have seen the previews and looks like it might be a good remake,be hard to outdo the Duke. Planed on seeing it when I get home. Dennis III Texas

  7. >actually this rendition is close to the book….sorry to all you J.Wayne fans. It is not a "remake".Go see it you won't regret it.KPN3%

  8. >Can't, in conscience, contribute to the coffers of Matt "commie bastard" Damon, but still love my old Duke Wayne version. Good plot… and if I recall, it was the only Academy Award that he ever won…