>Obama’s State Of The Soviet Union


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…One of the more surreal moments in the address came when Obama mentioned Kathy Proctor, a 55 year old woman who after losing a job in the future industry is now a second year student at a community college working toward a biotechnology degree. Her plan is to become a biofuels analyst.

I can’t imagine a worse model for American workers than a 55 year old woman amassing unknown amounts of student debt for a job in an industry that doesn’t exist except as a government subsidized program. Even if Obama succeeds in obtaining more ethanol subsidies and some biofuels company decides to hire Kathy to be their biofuels analyst, her job will only exist because of the billions poured into subsidizing the educations and industry that make it possible. A job and an industry that would not exist without those subsidies.

This is not how a genuinely productive country is run.

It’s not how we’re going to beat China…

It’s almost as if they don’t want the USA to win….

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  1. >It's almost as if they don't want the USA to win…. ========Right on.

  2. >CA,There is no "almost" about it. BHO and those who operate his strings don't want us to succeed. I'm not so sure Cloward and Piven were bright enough to come up with their "strategy" on their own. The destruction of our economy in order to position the country for full socialism or communism more than likely came from minds not quite so dim as theirs, minds which have wrestled with the problem of how to create socialism in capitalist societies/economies. The regulation of all business by bureaucracies which criminalize everything, restrict what a business may do, and penalize business with exorbitent fees and/or penalties is the perfect way of forcing business out of our country, to other countries where it is still possible to operate profitably. It has almost nothing to do with cheap labor, and all to do with the regulations business has to struggle against.They need us to fail.

  3. >Basically the same speech he gave two years ago. "Innovate." "Make stuff." "Go back to school." Innovate something, and watch the Chinese make a copy without all the business, environmental and workers' rights regulations we have. They can copy it so cheaply that they can produce it and ship it here for less than it would cost to make it here, and people would BUY IT. Hey, Tiananmen Square was how many years ago? If they remember it at all. Make stuff, but remember to hire someone just to handle the government regulatory paperwork. And the taxes will take 50% of your gross profits. Go back to school — and get training for a job that may not be out there that will pay half what your old job paid, or less, before they moved it to CHINA. Give me a trillion MORE dollars and another term in office, and I will move the world. Lady Gaga makes more sense: Ra ra, roma ra-a, ga-ga, oo-la-la-a…

  4. >Sarah Palin says: http://www.facebook.com/#!/note.php?note_id=271836568434&id=24718773587 and I agree. It was a campaign speech, just like Tucson. He's had two years, and he wants six more.

  5. >The leftist Marxists are anti-America. They DON'T want America to win. Their intent is to see this great nation collapse.Their goal is power…power…power…they lust after it…it's their driving force.Resist…fight back…survive.

  6. >That's been their plan all along. Wreck the place, and then after proclaiming themselves our saviours, swoop in and "save" us. After watching(and wincing) that speech night before last, I had visions of my grandchildren, barefoot, plowing fields and wearing rags.

  7. >Ummm…They DON'T want the USA to win. They despise the USA – a utopian "one world" government is their dream and ultimate goal. In order to get there, the USA must first be destroyed. So far, everything is going according to plan. I do wish America would turn off the TV and WAKE UP to the reality that these people are traitors, but with each passing day I realize they won't wake up until it is all over.

  8. >"It's almost as if they don't want the USA to win…. "Ya think?Bruiser

  9. >Don’t Know Much Geography’By Emily PuroA 2006 sampling of over 500 recent U.S. high school and college graduates between 18 and 24 years old found half unable to locate New York on a map of the United States. More than 60 percent couldn’t find Iraq on a map of the Middle East, and nearly three-quarters incorrectly named English as the most widely spoken native language in the world. — http://www.metro-parent.com Obama says our schools need more MONEY. No, they need to indoctrinate less and teach more. That would be "innovative." Way to "be competitive."

  10. >Sarah Palin picked up wonderfully on the "winning the future" tack. She called parts of the speech "WTF moments," and we all know she wasn't referring to the future.

  11. >There is no reasonable doubt about the issue raised by the last sentence in this piece. The policies pursued are designed to engineer the failure, the collapse of the United States. This will not stop until either the last vestiges of the Republic are erased, or we rise up and forcibly stop them.

  12. >I don't think there's an almost, Obama has nothing substantive that hasn't weakened the US. Electing Obama was an act of suicide, so few actually saw it was this bad and still many can't see we elected a saboteur.

  13. >You are in error, citizen. No one is screaming. Thank you for your cooperation.

  14. >Sobering reminder of how far 'round the bend we are found on Facebook this morning.

  15. >Almost? Name one thing the Obamanoids have done since taking office that was to our benefit. Even a delusional African Marxist would accidentally do something that helped once in a while, assuming he meant well. Obozo has NEVER made a mistake in our favor.

  16. >By the time that woman graduates, she'll be nearly 60. Not only is she amassing debt for tuition and getting a phony-baloney government job, she'll probably work for less than 10 years.Wanna bet she'll still get a cushy government pension?

  17. >Associated Press says U.S. industry rocks and rules and things are looking up. It's just that we no longer make things that we Americans can afford, just big stuff like fighter jets, industrial machine tools for foreign factories who have our old jobs… In fact, 197,000 manufacturing jobs were added just last year — — as 475,000 jobs of all kinds were LOST each MONTH. http://headlines.verizon.com/headlines/portals/headlines.portal?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=headlines_portal_page__article&_article=3301801 Environmentalcases (as David Codrea calls them) have been saying fewer humans would be good for Mother Earth. I read a story about "food deserts" in America. Grocery chains are closing less-profitable stores, often in the inner cities where theft and robbery affect profits. People there tend not to own cars. Bus companies are cutting routes and bus frequency on the remaining routes to save money. Will Obama's clean-energy high-speed trains take Mrs. Jones to Safeway and home again? She'll be able to watch HBO on broadband Internet cable as she becomes malnourished, though.