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  1. >I no longer read anything by Kerodin. I'd appreciate warning in the future before I add to his hit counter statistics.

  2. >Interesting but fatally flawed. Example: Did the truckers united or do anything together in the last fuel crunch in which they experienced $4+ fuel? Answer: No they did not. Sure there was chatter on the CB's about slow downs and shut downs until the prices dropped. In the end, they did nothing. The vague idea of freedom (which very few really live) will not convince or motivate them to help. A paycheck will trump the idea of freedom most every time.

  3. >He is right in theory. We saw recently truckers in France and Greece go on strike and bring the country to a hault. That being said however he completely underestimates the level of group think present in unionized trucking. They will bend to whatever demand the government issues if it benifits them directly. So we will not get the truckers to do things willingly. All strategy has to be a means to an end. What are we trying to acheive? How do we acheive that? Can we do that without breaking things? Can we do it without stepping on the very rights we uphold?We seek to topple the powers that be.We acheive this by diminishing those powers and their ability to control.So how do we diminish those powers without breaking things or stepping on the rights of others.Maybe we cant avoid breaking things so we need to make sure that the things we break are owned by those powers directly or indirectly else we will loose the people at large and diminish ourselves.Grenadier1

  4. >Anon 11:41 is probably right.My trucking industry friend considers a willing strike by truckers to be unlikely, because the Independent Truckers have essentially been put out of business and all work for the large companies today. Thus, any strike or slow-down will likely only happen if ordered by corporate Masters.That simply means one should not put much effort into alliance building, and look more to the means of stopping the flow of goods on your own.SamIII

  5. >Kerodin offers plenty of gimmicks to draw the crowds who are then intrigued by his words, but I believe he offers little more than a circus in which he hopes to make a dollar. In my opinion, he is little more than the P.T. Barnum of the III movement.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/P._T._Barnum

  6. >@Anonymous: " being said however he completely underestimates the level of group think present in unionized trucking. They will bend to whatever demand the government issues if it benifits them directly. So we will not get the truckers to do things willingly"Now the Mexican truckers can operate legally in the US (at least in some states), it doesn't really matter what US truckers do. If they get out of line, they can be replaced almost overnight.

  7. >As a truck driver I can tell you the vast majority of truck drivers would never strike. There is a large percentage that are Canadian, many new immigrants (that rarely speak comprehendable english), a large majority that are big company drivers, and last but not least the Feds are getting ready to open the roads to Mexican companies. So no the last thing you have to fear is a work stoppage by the trucking industry.

  8. >Like CA said a couple of weeks ago about Mike V.: there are few leaders in our movement….so let's support one another instead of infighting. If you don't like his work then don't go there, but there's no reason to bash. It does not help.

  9. >Anonymous at January 29, 2011 1:33 AM:It's not infighting or bashing, but a warning. It is not beyond Kerodin to post a comment written in the third-person to support or defend his own work, just look at the comments left at Amazon.com where he sells his Constitution book. Having said that, one must wonder if that is the case here. Regardless, it is but a warning and it is up to each to decide for himself if that is helpful or not.

  10. >Anon:I usually ignore cowards who snipe from Anonymous cloaks, but since you repeatedly insist on making this thread about me, so be it.Not sure how I rank with PT Barnum, but I'm certain it makes sense in your mind.As to the Amazon page for one of my books: If you can't see the ironic humor of posting third-person reviews in my own name, about my own book to counter obnoxious reviews by Leftists who never read the book, then I must conclude you use the Anon handle simply because you are too daft to properly spell your real name.Please feel free to email me if you think you are up to a match of wit or intellect, or ask for my home address, which I will freely offer to you if you think yourself up to a face-to-face discussion, though it is obvious you have no confidence in your skills or prowess, or you wouldn't hide on the internet like a sniping little punk who must squat to pee. If you had any contribution to the topic, rather than repeated posts about the author, you might earn the slightest bit of credibility rather than the perpetual insignificance that defines you.You simply add to the noise that aides our enemies…which says far more about you, than me.KerodinIII

  11. >Kerodin at February 1, 2011 5:18 AM:Since personal attacks seem to be acceptable to you I can also play that game. However, I'd rather focus on the reality of our situation. Leaders do not cause severe splits within an organization, even one as loosely formed as the III. We now have need to distinguish ourselves as being "Threepers-but-not-Kerodin-Threepers". Why is this? It is simply for the fact you learned about the III, decided to change it, and found yourself at odds with the long-established leader of it. Quite literally, you hijacked it and created division within it.An agent provocateur would be thrilled to have accomplished what you have already done in less than one year. We all know the powers that be are watching III members, especially those who appear to be leaders. Since you have proclaimed yourself to be a leader, undoubtedly the powers that be are watching you. And what might they find when putting you under the microscope? Having numerous URL's, several names, an extortion conviction, books, blogs, toll-free number, Twitter, and a 527 organization in your name, you are setting yourself to be the prime take-down target. They did it to you once to your surprise and I predict they will do it again. We are living in the days when the powers that be are working hard to identify and stop the next Jerod Loughner. So what does Kerodin do? Puts out a graphic that says "…for I intend to go into harms way" and "…have a plan to kill everyone you meet." Just referencing these two statements alone (there are more!) would create high levels of concern to investigating agents and is the perfect evidence they need to charge you with incitement of violence and perhaps even overthrowing the government. Think Kerodin, think! When it finally happens you will once again face conviction while also bringing embarrassment to the III movement. The media will go nuts over your checkered past. All Threepers will suddenly be like Peter who denied three times, "I'm not a follower of him!" They will no longer include III as part of their signature, they will distance themselves far from any association with III. They will still believe in the same cause, but will choose to identify themselves under other names such as "Minutemen" or "Irregulars". The negative associations with the III will be so bad the Nyberg flag will fly no more. What a waste of a perfectly fine symbol. When it happens there will be little chance the public will ever support anyone associated with the III, something any future resistance will need in the future. You want to match intellect when you blindly set yourself up for this kind of downfall without comprehending the devastating outcome which would follow?! I would suggest you set your ego aside and stop inflating yourself to further your own interests. Kind of like you did as a 36-year-old security consultant boasting 20 years experience (going back to age 16?!) of in foreign policy and counter-terrorism. There are too many red flags around you Kerodin. Your energy and enthusiasm are great things, but you're simply not the right person with the right attitude, history, experiences, and reputation to be leading this particular movement. Honestly, you shouldn't even consider yourself a Threeper if you are not on board with the existing movement as it currently exists. Stop trying lest my prediction come true. Of course, I don't expect you will heed these words, but my prediction is documented here for future reference. I do expect one day I will point to it and say "I told you so."

  12. >OK – while I consider this public discussion distasteful on CA's forum, as I consider it to be the wrong venue, we'll roll here since CA doesn't seem to mind and you don't have the courage to lay out your case on my blog, or your own.Seriatim: I did not create any split in the III Community. I'm simply busy being me. If that irks some people, it's a big club. Get over it or get some cream for your chapped arse. Each individual chooses how he will act or react, it's called Liberty. I have not tried to "change" the III, because the III is simply a historic definition of a group of Patriots who had the will and courage to physically fight for Liberty. I am as entitled to the title as is any Patriot today who is willing to make the same sacrifice.I hijacked the III? I don't think so. I am taking action, and a portion of the Patriot Movement seems to agree, in general, with what I say and what I am doing. If that ruffles the feathers of some "Leader", that's simply not my problem. I don't bend knee or kiss the ring of any man, too bad if that sort of independence somehow upsets your world.I have never, once, anywhere, declared myself to be a Leader of the III. I have never, once, signed any piece of work as "Leader of a band/group of III…" or anything of the sort.I leave such hubris to others.I agree, our Masters are watching. So what? I have been watched by our Masters for my entire adult life, dating into my teens before I was an adult, able to enlist in the Army. How on earth can you claim to be a Patriot ready for a Ruckus and worry about being watched? Worry about your own pucker factor and see if you can man-up a bit. You embarrass real Patriots. Gee, my "…I intend to go in harms way…" graphic worries you? I bet you wet yourself when reading Patrick Henry! Were you born without balls, or were they surrendered at some point in your life?As to embarassing the III Movement if I happen to face a charge of incitement: I can live with that. Personally, I think hollow bluster and undefended lines in the sand are far more damaging to III credibility than an incitement charge. Our blogs are filled with tough talk that goes nowhere, yet when a genuine Patriot (See TL) fills the void with action, there is almost zero support and often even ridicule for the effort. That is why our Masters do not take the III seriously.If you think negative associations with the III started when I arrived, you're an idiot. It takes fewer than five minutes with Google to find case after case of gratuitously burned bridges between III and natural allies, dating back for more than a decade. I know for a fact that many of our natural allies refuse to be on the same stage as a few III'pers, because of the past silliness. (I know this because I have set-up a convention of the Hard Right/Tea Party & general Right for the spring, and I know who they refused to have on the Speakers list. Interesting, horrible Kerodin is acceptable, while not everyone in the III makes the cut…) Too many red flags around me? Heh. Firstly, the III Movement is supposed to be Leaderless, so who do you propose should lead? Secondly, I'll take the red flags pinned to me by my enemies. At least I am not afraid of the minefields, and every now and again, everyone steps on a mine…unless you are one of those folks who screams for action by others without ever having the courage to risk the minefield yourself. Finally: Why have you not the moral or physical courage to identify yourself? Why be such a coward? Personally, I know your identity, because several of the passages of your verbiage are identical, verbatim, to a series of email exchanges recently shared with a few of us over the holidays. Don't worry, I won't out you. You simply don't matter that much.KerodinIII