>GardenSERF: The Best Investment – Your Body


Wisdom from GardenSERF — read and do, please.

Tempus fugit.

4 responses to “>GardenSERF: The Best Investment – Your Body

  1. >Hey CA, back in early '07 or so, I showed you some back exercises that make a person of my age appear to be a younger one, right? In this age of cameras everywhere, why not sculpt yourself to appear younger? All can benefit from simple and daily exercises of the body. A kettlebell regimen is real helpful for a gray man.

  2. >Great article. I appreciate these fitness posts you put up from time to time. Far too many will want to rely on their 'hard assets' on that day.I just joined an 8-week boot camp. 0600 every day, one hour. Forces me to get my lazy rear up and out and makes me accountable, both of which are precepts mentioned in the linked article.

  3. >Hey Anon – Do you have a link to those back exercises? Thanks!