>Egyptian Activists’ Action Plan


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Insty publishes this Atlantic article, which is worth a bookmark and further consideration/refinement as things devolve here in the States.

See also here and this feed here.

Tempus fugit.

9 responses to “>Egyptian Activists’ Action Plan

  1. >They've got a lot more balls than we do. And my full respect.0321

  2. >I'm afraid that Mr. Vanderboegh over on Sipsey Street has this movement across the arab muslim world confused with the first large scale outbreak of collectivists in 1848 Europe.Oddly enough, the Forty-eighters were strong advocates of the American Lenin, Abraham Lincoln, joined the Yankee terrorists that swarmed into the Confederacy, and were among the most brutal of those criminals of 150 years ago.One would hope that Tunisia, Egypt, and perhaps Jordan don't have their own Forty-eighters, the Muslim Brotherhood is similar, that takes over their freedom movement.

  3. >Yeah, the moment I saw that, I sent it around to friends. Really useful advice for the intermediate chaotic stages, when people aren't generally willing to cross the threshold of fatal violence.

  4. >Pete, when I click on the photo to enlarge it takes me away from this site and I get a big red warning not to continue because it may be a malware site designed to steal personal info. Do you know anything about this?

  5. >Brian: No idea. Don't get that from here. My bet is that your badness filters are set pretty tight.Click onto the Atlantic link and you will see full size.

  6. >Does it occur to anyone that the people giving out the sheets of suggestions, will be sitting safely in some distant place, while the excited people are sent forth as 'cannon fodder'? The use of a pot lid or trash can lid and goggles will not slow down a 7.62 round, and if anyone reading this has ever been hit by a 'rubber bullet' you know that it feels more like a brick thrown out of a catapult… it is NOT just a little sting, like a paintball.So – could the authors be agents provocateur? Hoping to gain publicity / propaganda by encouraging the masses to surge forward, heedless of the cost?Just a thought or two

  7. >Pat,Its not the movement itself that is Jihadist or Muslim brotherhood. I think Mikes point is that the movement in Egypt will allow the MB or another Islamic hardliner organization to seize power. Hard to say at this point. I hope that the Egyptian people are more ready to become "free" than that but we will see.Grenadier1

  8. >This manual is pretty well put together for something that was just made for this "new" event.It has been customized for the reader.Given the short time between the beginning of events and the distribution of this manual.I postulate that this was planned in advance. And is not a spontaneous uprising.I think I smell a globalist or Islamist rat in Egypt.

  9. >Suppose you were a chattel slave fomenting a slave uprising. Would you fight against the slavemasters's brute squad that gently? Would you fight in a 1:1 manner that will produce a stalemate rather than a victory? Would you reveal and expose yourself by fighting in this way at all?I think these protesters are confused, and believe the dictator's police force exists to protect them. This is a bleeding off of frustration, harmless to the status quo. Maybe the figurehead politician will have to change. The proles can have their Internet porn again. Old socialist plans with Soviet communist language will be replaced by new socialist plans with the latest modern American socialist language."Really useful advice for the intermediate chaotic stages, when people aren't generally willing to cross the threshold of fatal violence."The "intermediate" stages where tax and regulation levels produce your death of a cancer or car crash you can't afford to treat properly, but the death camps aren't yet built?