>Dead Elephants Prepare Garrotte, Slip Around Own Neck


Insty links to this Cnet story.

Read both.

To the Republican leadership, do it.

Do it all.


So that folks who believed in you can finally have closure.

It’s time for you to go.

9 responses to “>Dead Elephants Prepare Garrotte, Slip Around Own Neck

  1. >Useless RHINO P.O.S.SWJ III

  2. >DD-You're right. CA-You're right, too. The GOP should do it quickly. Did you see my post on Lisa Murkowski's statement?"unnecessary infringements"As long as the government says so, it can override any amendment. And this from the GOP, "champions of freedom and liberty".*spit*This will be no different.I think this pushes me to 100% TOR, and soon.AP

  3. >I can blow up this machine at any time and be the better for it.

  4. >TOR is easier than ever. Get the "Bundle" and simply run it. It's slow, but effective. The more people that get on the TOR network (Set up a relay and help out), the faster it will be.

  5. >Not just TOR. T(A)ILSGoogle it, please.

  6. >I expected no less from the R's anyway. They're the same bunch of nervous nellies that are D's, and they're all afraid that someone will call their little party to a halt. When someone does finally step on the cake, both will fill the air with their shrill cries for safety and security.

  7. >F*** Them and the dead elephant carcus they rode in on. Did anyone REALLY expect any different behavior?Grenadier1

  8. >sensebrunner is the same creepy parasite who came up with the national I.D.