>Sultan Knish: The Taxpayer’s Civil War


Please read Sultan Knish’s latest on Wisconsin and the bigger picture.

Government employees have two major problems.

One — their taxpayer bosses are done.

Two — even without the building taxpayer revolt, they will never get what they have been promised by the ever-pandering elected officials responsible for the several states’ fiscal crises.


Got CV?

8 responses to “>Sultan Knish: The Taxpayer’s Civil War

  1. >We need to start hammering the WI Retardlicans.Without the Demmunists, they cannot pass any budgetary measures – but there's no end to the good they COULD do!How about a "Shall-Issue" law? Better yet, how about Constitutional Carry?!GET BUSY, R's! PROVE you're SERIOUS about rolling back The Enemy's usurpations!!Strike a blow for FREEDOM! After all — they surrendered the field!!GET BUSY!!

  2. >WTF is CV? So many acronyms, only so much memory…………

  3. >This may be too little, too late. I think the debt is too large to ever pay back, on the national level, so the fight is moot anyway.I appreciate his analysis, though.-Ken

  4. >This just in: if the morons who deserted their posts to stop the vote in WI don't return by next week, the state will start laying off teachers – 1500 to 2000 of them will be let go immediately. Let's see what happens next. Personally, I think every teacher who called in sick to participate in the protest should be fired, doctor's excuse or not.

  5. >CV – curriculum vitaeI was taught French by an Alsatian lady who would have beaten me if I omitted the accent on the final "e" in resume.Hence, CV, as I am too dim to know how to accent in Blogger.

  6. >And unprecedented numbers of Americans have recognized where the problem lies and what needs to be done about it.The Republicans had failed to present a meaningful alternative, and when the party crumbled, a grass roots movement gained force. Its adherents understand that their economic survival depends on cutting back government. On taking away its power to constantly raise and spend money, and its drive to regulate everything. We lost California. We can't afford to lose Wisconsin.This is a fine article, but I have problems with the above. First off, Americans have steadfastly refused to recognize these problems, and have done even less to attempt to solve them. Voting in a wave of establishment Republicans who promptly ignored why they were voted in sure changed a lot, huh?If the Tea Party was a real movement, we would have had a constitutional convention by about 6-12 months ago. We have already lost every state, and the entire apparatus, and have lost it decades ago when the Franklin Roosevelt government didn't go out Mussolini style. We consent every second of every day people don't end up dead, or at the very least actually elect people to reverse the system entirely.

  7. >I was taught to curse by a father who beat me when he was drunk, or bored. Hence my lack of understanding. Thanks for the heads-up.

  8. >Hey CA – It's Alt+0233 to get the accent. Hold down the Alt key and type 0233 using the numeric keypad. Like this: éMy small contribution to the restoration of liberty today…