>Unintended Consequences


Free North Carolina explains.


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  1. >ATF Office Director: "Well…that sure didn't work out like I planned…"

  2. >I stocked up on Saiga-12 drums and magazines (of over five round capacity) when Prince Law made the announcement that ATF was moving on shotguns. Got in just before the rush, and at a good price, too. Now the prices are way up, if you can get anything at all.No, I don't need them all.But my neighbor might.To cover my back.AP

  3. >The flame that lights the fuse? Or is it?Muslim Brotherhood in Orlando:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lI1F4sxThDIEx-CIA analyst brutally ejected from a Hillroy Clinton speech:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-zls49gQ-sNational I.D coming soon to a state near you:http://obamalies.org/tag/member-of-congress/I am way too old and broken to put on my battle rattle and start chasin' the bad guys in this country, and I have given up on any Patriot uprising.Seems to me we have a sufficiently long list of grievances and other deciding factors to light the fuse to the powder keg we are all sitting on.

  4. >VERY nice!!!!BobIII

  5. >I see that The One and his toadies are preparing for the upcoming unpleasantness:http://www.canada.com/topics/news/story.html?id=403d90d6-7a61-41ac-8cef-902a1d14879dMight want to tell your Canadian friends that their brothers and fathers will be coming home in body bags.

  6. >As predictable as the summer showers… Just got a shipment of more 30 round AR mags myself.

  7. >Got me a few more M-14, 20 rnd.mags a couple of weeks ago via a friend that went to the Houston Gun Show. Last year I bought 10 mags for a C-note,now the best price I can get is 12 at $16.00 ea. I am still stocking up on Ammo and other essentials………. Dennis III Texas