>Denninger: On Honesty


KD articulates much of the Collapse’s parentage.

The only part underweighted?

Citizen complacency.

Tomorrow, try this experiment – ask five people the same two questions:

1) Who won the best actress Oscar Sunday night?

2) What is the current level of Federal government debt, according to US Treasury figures?

The only answer that matters is $14,119,807,822,019.49.

Think any of your five subjects will miss question #1?

How about question #2?

8 responses to “>Denninger: On Honesty

  1. >Don't know/don't care 'bout one.Two was, as usual, good fuel for PT.Deadlifts tonight.Resist.AP

  2. >Trent Reznor won best actress, didn't he?

  3. >Nobody I know watches the crap about the Oscars. Who cares what a bunch of Hollywierdos do to slap each other on the back…er…is that butt?One friend noted that the total national debt was far greater than anything published including the 14 plus trillion.

  4. >Two big problems present themselves here: 1) this moral promiscuity is present because everyone is inured to it. It's "business as usual" and it has been allowed for decades with no fight; 2) this moral decay has everything to do with secular humanism – there are no rules anymore, so whatever we make up are the rules. Truth is relative – your truth is not my truth. Until we get back to the basics, until we get back to the Commandments, until we admit that man is flawed and needs guidance that he himself cannot and will not provide, we will continue our slippery slope into decadence until we are back in caves fighting with spears and clubs.It sure looks hopeless to me at this juncture. All I can do is follow my morality, live a righteous life, and look forward to the next one, where none of this will matter anymore.

  5. >I sent this to KD:http://dalrock.wordpress.com/2011/02/27/google-censors-my-match-com-expose/Short version:match.com has a columnist who wrote a 141-article series claiming to be a truthful account of a divorcee's (the author's) experiences with match.com searching for love. Quick summary, most of it is about her having lots of bad experiences while the ex-husband is out having flings with women 20 years younger than him. Then, the ex-husband realizes he'll never meet any woman quite as wonderful as the author, returns to her, professes his love; she turns him down. She has been involved with her handyman. She discovers her handyman is actually a multimillionaire, and also an anti-capitalist. He admits he's in love with her, they marry, series ends.As Dalrock put it: "Is anybody buying this?"What is worse is that multiple women described in comments to parts of this how it inspired them, too, to divorce.He wrote to match.com asking for confirmation that it was truth and not fiction. They wrote back assuring him that the author assures them it's truth and that's good enough for them. The next day, google searches on the terms likeliest to bring up his article suddenly don't anymore.I'm not even shocked by things like this anymore.

  6. >Hah! About sums it up.Not that I wasn't complacent and unaware myself at one point, but it's way past time for folks to start paying attention.

  7. >Cheating in schools where only an A is acceptable, by any means necessary. http://www.portlandtribune.com/news/story.php?story_id=129849991904365300