>American Fear


From Whiskey and Gunpowder:

…My favorite delusional argument from those still attached to the matrix is that they pay their taxes voluntarily. To these people I ask: when you do your tax returns, do you take as many deductions as the government will allow you? Of course, the answer is always yes. Then I ask them that if they could take enough deductions such that their tax liability was zero would they do so? Again, not surprisingly, the answer is yes. I then ask them that if their preference is to pay zero taxes then why don’t they simply refuse to pay taxes. Inevitably, that’s where their train of thought always runs out of track. Of course everyone knows the answer: because they’re afraid of what the government will do…

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Just another word for nothing left to lose.

Of course, the guy who wrote that line was just another drunk.

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  1. >It's a sorry state of affairs.

  2. >Can't argue with the man.I wish I could.Well, at least it'll all be over soon.AP

  3. >Your comments, CA, remind me of the Colin Ryan Poem, "When Men Become Truly Free"."When this insane game is taken this farComes the time when men have nothing left to loseThis is the time when the minds of men are freedIt is a time when man loses his fear of deathThis is the time when a man becomes invincibleHe becomes free to do whatever he must do"and"For a man with nothing left becomes fully empoweredAnd he is the most unassailable weapon against evil"Resist.

  4. >Ah, but you see, they obviously pay their taxes voluntarily, because they stay here. Kind of like the blacks in the 1950's. If they didn't want to get beaten up for drinking out of the "Whites only" fountain, they could either drink out of their own fountain or move to Africa, where they wouldn't get oppressed by whites. See, they were voluntarily getting beaten up.

  5. >I suggest we "play the game" for now, as sitting in some lockup will not be desirable at the time of the coming shitstorm. Would you rather be at home, or in the jug, when it happens? It is only a tactical decision.

  6. >I've had the "voluntary taxation" argument many times for nearly two decades.The claim is that since I can leave the US physically, that I choose to stay is evidence of voluntarily agreeing to pay taxes and to anything else the government wishes to force upon me.It's also wired into the notion that the Supreme Court of the US can redefine the Constitution, or even create new amendments to it, when ever it wishes to do so. Meaning that what is protected or lawful today, could be proscribed and unlawful tomorrow.For example, there is an actual prohibition upon the US government regulating weapons, meaning that the restrictions upon foreign made firearms, restrictions upon automatic weapons, and any other weapons is not just unauthorized, it is forbidden in writing.Yet, we have both unlawful activities placed upon us.

  7. >A.P., great poem, thanks!I resist in every means possible, from the irs to the dmv. And I play their game just enough to squeak by. I too do not relish the idea of being a guest of the state when TSHTF.Today I sighted in my new toy(yes Sean, I went and got myself a M16A1 parts set and built me a new semi gun!!, just like we usta carry.) I feel that every day we have left should be spent preparing ourselves, in all aspects of life. And learning to resist, in every single possible way we can. Deny them every penny, find who works against you and boycott them. More money for essentials anyway.0321

  8. >0321, don't ferget lots and lots of them lovely mags by Magpull Industries. And cartidges, reload equipment, etc. So you have to plug them zombies twice, who cares. If'n you contact CA (der Webhost) he may be able to give you contact info on me, gif hit a try, ja?

  9. >0321 -No contact for that station.

  10. >Changed blogger profile. Try now.

  11. >CA, thanks. Got through to (good) Sean! Much appreciated.0321

  12. >Thank you CA. My stupidity sometimes knows no bounds.