>How To Turn The Tide


A reader asked re the recent posts on Islam:

I just gotta ask. Fighting back means what?

Gates of Vienna offers two posts in reply:

Geert Wilders: March 25 at the Annual Lecture of the Magna Carta Foundation in Rome

The Freezing Of The Rhine

Please read both posts.

My answer to the reader’s question:

Opposing the spread of Islam on this continent on all fronts by any means necessary.

Ask the folks in Michigan about Hamtramck.

Or just wait….

Curtis nailed it here.

Any questions?

9 responses to “>How To Turn The Tide

  1. >Buy ammo, then go and buy even more ammo. You just might need it sooner than you think.

  2. >This merits a journal entry.

  3. >Blah, blah, blah.Talk, talk, talk.When you "patriots" are ready to do something more than blah, blah, talk, talk, let us know, will ya.Diamondback

  4. >It appears that life imitates art. Read CAMP OF THE SAINTS by Jean Raspail. It will scare the peanuts out of your M&Ms. Then, follow the advice of Anon.5:17. And, network, network, network. The wets took over SoCal one block at a time, just as LaRaza promised when they spoke on college campuses in the 70's. Read CIVIL WAR TWO by Thomas Chittum. Find your enclave.

  5. >Diamondback-And here you are, talking as well….AP

  6. >When you "patriots" are ready to do something more than blah, blah, talk, talk, let us know, will ya.DiamondbackMarch 28, 2011 5:27 PMLead on, mighty typist…That said, I, too, am weary of inaction.

  7. >I know! Let's build a fire, sing a couple of songs! Anyway, I'm just going to continue to prepare, do my honest best, and leave the rest in G*ds' Hands. You know, it's funny. If we of the survival/freedom community had the very best preparations made, and everything rolled into neat little balls, I believe it would still be in G*ds' Hands. I also believe some of us are suffering from a lack of a sense of humor.

  8. >When I asked the question, I was being facetious.Once upon a time, I used to jump out of perfectly good airplanes.Almost always, releasing the pilot chute caused the main chute to open allowing for a very controlled and gentle descent to the LZ. However, sometimes things go wrong and the big chute fails. Then you have to cut-away and deploy the reserve.Anyone who has experienced a reserve ride knows the added adrenalin rush and that moment of indecision to cut-away or not. Generally, at the point where you realize you have a problem, the ground is eleven seconds away and coming up at you at 120mph.You have choices in this situation, hence the moment of indecision. One might elect to spend a few of those precious seconds trying to clear the main. After all, it is always better to stay with the main if possible. One is trained to never leave a canopy unless absolutely necessary. The other option would be to just cutaway immediately and get on the reserve. Obviously, this choice leaves you with no other options. If the reserve fails, well, burning in at 120mph causes one helluva bounce.Fortunately, while everybody packs their own main, a licensed rigger must pack the reserve. The rigger is a man whose skill and understanding may be your only hope of getting to the ground safely. Ultimately, he is responsible for your life. When you choose your rigger, you keep those thoughts in mind. You have to trust him.Gentlemen, I submit that the main has malfed. It’s obvious. There are few precious seconds left. The ground is coming up at one-two-oh. Cut-away or not? Keep in mind that to continue trying to clear the main may render a later decision to cut-away fruitless. The reserve was packed by a man who knew what he was doing. You supposedly trust him. Cut-away or not? Isn’t that really the question?I was being facetious.

  9. >Alan, it's just fine to be facetious. Hell, sometimes I'm almost intelligent. Know what you're talking about, with that main and reserve stuff. First time I jumped I was raving drunk, at night, and I didn't even know about a reserve. Seems I was intemperate in my youth. The ground is indeed, approaching fast.