>Polygonal Battlespace – Deutschland Edition


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GardenSERF describes what happens in the middle game of societal collapse.

Is the America of 2011-2015 that exceptional?

Explain your answer, please.

4 responses to “>Polygonal Battlespace – Deutschland Edition

  1. >By exceptional you mean exempt from history? Certainly not. Violent rhetoric is already exchanged between opposing sides at every political rally and protest. Who will the SEIU blame once entitlements are stopped? Who does the Tea Party feel is responsible for the financial crisis? And don't forget the Muslim sleeper cells waiting to rise up and attempt to establish an Islamic government here…

  2. >What makes America exceptional?Heh.Here, we riot over Black Friday sales, and many of our "poor" only get one new cellphone a year. In America, people think they have a right to entitlements paid for with money stolen from others.In America, the thing formerly known as "common decency" has devolved to "I'll get me mine, no matter what. I deserve it."Our collapse will be exceptionally ugly. That will be our "American Exceptionalism" at its finest.

  3. >Well Im not gonna lie about. I can't wait for the collapse and look forward to trying to rebuild as we all know it should be. I might even be part of the die-off,one never knows. But I'm as ready as I can be at this point… CIII

  4. >The late 1960s and early 70s were worse than what we've seen so far. Of course, that could change over this next Summer alone as unemployment benefits run out.Over the long run, though, how this nation as a whole handles itself is our choice. I pray we chose right.