>Plenty Of Nothin’


Ol’ Remus posts this piece at Eternity Road.

“‘Twas ever thus…”, say the many.

“When you see the light come on, get out of the door as fast as you can…”, say the few.

Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen.

8 responses to “>Plenty Of Nothin’

  1. >Assuming all of the doomsayers are right, when do you smart, analytical, thoughtful patriots think this will happen? Next week? Next month? Next year? Five years from now?As long as all of the banks and governments still agree on the rules of their Ponzi schemes, currency swaps, and monopoly games, and as long as the great unwashed have their big screens, lottos, dope, and other mindless diversions, this scenario can go on indefinitely. As long as everyone is in denial, it ain't happenin'.

  2. >That's why it's a casino.Place your bets.

  3. >My money's on 27 red.

  4. >I ain't runnin' down no Interstate, to die of thirst or mayhem, like hundreds of thousands are likely to do, when TSHTF. Running off to Montana,Wyoming, Wherever, is a sweet option, for the money people. I ain't got the dough, and I'm sick of this runnin' crap. I'll stick it out right where I am, and I and mine will survive and prosper. It may get damn awful, and I and mine may not survive and prosper, but that's the way it works. Beats being a refugee. C'mon you apes, you want to live forever?

  5. >I'm with Sean. Too damned old and broke to go runnin' an gunnin' down the road hidin' from others in the same pickle barrel and looking to make sure I don't get out.Plant and harvest, cut an' stack, shoot an' bury in the swamp is my plan till I'm the one getting burried. Sure going to be fun while it lasts, too. Maybe. LOL. Not looking forward to it, but ain't going to run from it, either. Shy III

  6. >Anon 4:27A – How long can you stand on one leg? How long can you balance a cone on its pointy end? It can go for a while, if no big disturbances take place. Japan was headed for a crash before the tsunami, with a debt at 200% of GDP. The Japanese disaster just might be what it takes to derail the entire West.

  7. >Plant and harvest, cut an' stack, shoot an' buryin the swamp [out back]"Bug-in Blues" Shy WolfI don't think even John Mayall could improve on these lyrics.:^)MALTHUS

  8. >Sean,I'm with you. A wife, six kids, and a b*tch of a winter. 350 miles from the nearest metro area.I'm staying put as well.My bet has been placed. Bring it.AP