>Gunwalker: Where Are The ‘Pro-Gun’ Democrats?


David asks the question.

If you live in an area “represented” by such a Senator or Representative, a WTF call and fax is well in order.

TL Davis also gives a recap of recent Gunwalker events here.

2 responses to “>Gunwalker: Where Are The ‘Pro-Gun’ Democrats?

  1. >I would say the lack of media coverage, and citizen outrage is shocking but nothing is shocking anymore.This story has the potential to blow this crooked administration out of the running for any re-election campaign. It has all of the makings of a huge international incident. It should be enough evidence to end the ATF once and for all. It should have every gun owner in the country righteously pissed off. Alas, only a handful of awake and indignant freedom lovers can see this for what it is.If the ATF walks away from this with no jail time for the criminals within their ranks then we are fucking doomed. It means that fedgov can do whatever they like…they are the law.KPN3%

  2. >I live in Texas, where the two Republican Senators pay lip service to the electorate, line their pockets, and hold on for dear life to the bureaucracy, in all its' bullshit glory. My Rep. is a Republican, a doctor, and a rather decent, honest man. But he still thinks we can fix this, and the water is up to the gunwhales. When I e-mail them about 2A issues, the reply is like when Professor Farnsworth says, Whaaaaa?