>Steyn: Pushing Deviancy Up


Mark Steyn explains yet another reason why the dar al-Islam senses coming victory in the air.

When a culture fails to reproduce or defend itself, how long is it for the world?

Related thoughts from Vanderleun.

Phrased alternatively, how many Americans understand that we have military men and women in harm’s way defending Islam in three separate conflicts?

One more try…

Do you understand that we and other Westerners are providing air support in Libya to the same people our soldiers and Marines fought in Iraq and AfPak?

Any questions?

4 responses to “>Steyn: Pushing Deviancy Up

  1. >Would someone tell me why we are risking our boys and girls and getting further into debt to protect Italy's and France's oil supply?

  2. >This is like living at the nuthouse, and being told to get along with the nuts who are always trying to find ways to kill you.

  3. >Well said, Sean, well said. "Crazy Time" is indeed upon us. Make your decisions based on that truth.

  4. >Sirs:I cannot think of a precedent in history where a country (like the US) is in an ongoing war with an enemy (like militant Islamists), and then, without skipping a beat, becomes allied militarily with partisans (like Lybian tribesmen) who largely represent the original enemy's same goals.Has this happened before? Is this the ultimate in nuance?