>Color Me Done


Daphne at Jaded Haven sings the finale.

And this comment thereto says it all:

…Then Toynbee, the warnings of Jefferson, Spengler, and Pop de Boyle, all 5′ 5″ of whom fought in the Pacific with three brothers even shorter.


“Yeah, Pop.”

“See those idiots with their pants hanging off their skinny asses?”


“See any adults kicking them down the street?”


“That means it’s over, Son.”


“Because if we won’t stifle even the simple show of slovenliness and arrogance, we sure can’t recognize let alone defeat any serious enemies—and right now we’ve got a dozen. Families hollowed out, men sissified or hog tied, schools day treatment centers for imbeciles with an IQ of 85, a philosophy that obviates any philosophy but itself, government moving towards fascism and the masses don’t know it and the mandarins like it. People imprisoned for selling a plant. Cops with body armor. TV celebrating depravity that is merely boring. All thought reduced to ‘Yo.’ And hardly anyone can change the spark plugs. Our lives are a dreamworld punctuated by pathetic orgasms elicited by plastic faces.”

“What should I do, Pop?”

“It’s in Isaiah and Ecclesiastes, boy. But I would arm myself, too, if I were you.”

5 responses to “>Color Me Done

  1. >I just changed the spark plugs in my wifes' car, then went and did some inventory of guns, ammo, etc. I recall that as the Roman Empire collapsed, some monks and merchants and such managed to survive in castles and islands, holding on to language, culture and histories, so that it all didn't disappear. And the new boys did eventually learn about that stuff.

  2. >The commenter took a long roundabout course of saying that the lack of will negates the power – ANY power, to respond to challenges of any sort.He painted a sobering scene nonetheless.Do I understand? Most definitely YES.Am I preparing myself? You bet your ass I am!

  3. >Daphne's comparison between our involvement in Libya and our total lack of interest in what is going on just South of the border with Mexico is well stated and compelling.One can not help but question what the ulterior motivations are. What is the desired outcome of acting where we really have no vital interests and not acting where we do?I can only conclude it is all part of the plan. Invasion of our homeland by foreigners on one hand and perpetual war for perpetual peace on the other hand.KPN3%

  4. >Yet, the ONLY thing we're really doing STILL is ………………………………………………………………………………………TALKING.Blah, blah, blah.Nuff said, pardon the pun.Diamondback