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The United States government does not have to worry about the so-called “patriot” movement.

It always self destructs.

Arctic Patriot

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  1. >Yep. And you've done your part. Congrats.

  2. >which makes it the perfect scape goat, as it is no threat.

  3. >Yes, I worry about that too. Giving up is easy. Hanging in there, even when it is damn tough, is what you do when you are a grown up. I don't like defeats,setbacks,betrayals,reversals,blindsides, or suprises. But I don't like quitting even more. Besides, I'm curious. How's it all going to play out?

  4. >I'm betting we'd have a lot better luck if each of us looked to our own egos and put them in check.Every rift can be traced to one thing: Ego.Every ad hominem attack, every demonization, everything negative about everyone in the 'patriot' movement with very few exceptions. I'm not referring to facts or public records about individuals, either.I regularly see a tactic used called projection in this movement: If I can make you look bad, I'll look that much better.Especially when supported by a Transactional Analysis game called, "Now I Got You, Son of a Bitch!"We better pull our collective heads out of our assses and get on board with the common goal we all agree on: Restoration of Constitutional government.We must move in the same direction or we will lose, and then we can kiss freedom goodbye for generations.We must satisfy the 'commander's intent', which in this case, our "commander" is the Constitution. Our opinions of what is 'better' is only important within our own reach, because we cannot control that which is outside of our own AO.So, you folks who are out front in the 'blogosphere', take notice:People tend to be influenced by what you put out there, because you're either gifted enough or disciplined enough to put coherent thoughts out to the citizenry. That puts you in a defacto position of influence, if not leadership.And if you're tye type of person that says, "I'm no leader", fine. But then you owe it to the 'patriot movement' to at least support those you know who are leaders, whether out in the blogosphere or on the ground in the AO's. That way we are at least providing support to each other during the 'soft war' for restoration.Those of us on the ground should being doing everything we can to ensure we train our 'merry little bands' under the principles the US was founded upon, namely, the Judeo-Christian ethic, which encompasses sociological, economic, and military (or paramilitary) activity. No, that doesn't mean each person is required or even encouraged to be a 'Christian'. What that means is that we aspire to higher principles than OPFOR by adhering to the same principles the Founders did, which was demonstrably Judeo-Christian. That also means there are, in fact, things we will not do or tolerate. We do not become that which we oppose.If we achieve that, then there is a chance, once it starts, that we have a chance to survive.Remember, Lenin said, "A small organized minority will defeat a large unorganized majority every time." (paraphrased) That maxim has been used vigorously against free Americans for many decades now.We're seeing the results of that in tactics used against us right now with the ever-increasing speed with which our culture is being destroyed socially, economically and militarily.We also need leaders. In every AO. They surface from time to time. We need them in the blogosphere, too. We need the public faces and the anonymous troop leaders. Leadership, effective leadership, the muddy boots kind, is what gets things done.We also need people who know they're not leaders, but who are willing to support and follow those leaders so long as they subscribe to Constitutional principles and do not fall into cult-like mind sets. That means the followers must be extremely discerning. How was it Reagan put it? "Trust, but verify."And while I'm at it, knock off the disparagement of others when they have different perspectives or don't agree with your particular way of engaging in the soft war or training. The endless debates rising from 'mine is better than yours' gets old quickly and turns people away.We don't have to have 'rent fabrics'. It's really all up to us.

  5. >When I found "Sipsey" it was a breath of fresh air. I thought I was the only one. When I found "Western" I was elated. That being said, I was a threeper before there was a threeper site.If I'm being forced to choose between a former communist and a former extortionist, I choose the the former extortionist. Just sayin'. I fuckin' hate communists.I prefer not to have to make that choice.I would prefer that all of you rat bastards get your shit together and understand who the real enemy is.Don't make me choose.My enemies outnumber me greatly. a few more or less doesn't mean shit.Sorry for the language, but you piss me off.

  6. >Excellent points, Trainer.Very good.AP

  7. >+1 to EXACTLY what both the Trainer and Mullenax said. Verbatim in the case of Mullenax.Kevin

  8. >"If I'm being forced to choose between a former communist and a former extortionist, I choose the the former extortionist. Just sayin'. I fuckin' hate communists."Noted.– Vanderboegh