>Barnhardt: The New Sign On My Front Door


Oh, and all of the multiple indoor and outdoor video feeds (with audio) are being wirelessly uploaded to an offsite server. So if any drama goes down, the entire spectacle will be on YouTube within hours. 

In other words, screwing with me is BEGGING for total, worldwide humiliation.

THIS, my friends, is how we do things in the United States of America.


Shooter ready.

10 responses to “>Barnhardt: The New Sign On My Front Door

  1. >Is the lovely lady still receiving death threats?I would have thought by now if they really intended trouble they would have attempted to follow through.

  2. >I'd let her hurt me…. :)Jon III

  3. >Gotta love this woman!BobIII

  4. >Death warnings with the whisper of a lover. Gotta love the womans style!OohRah!

  5. >If I wasn't already married…I'd be interested to know what is continuing in her 'viral video' arena.

  6. >That's what I was wondering as well, Ernest. Though I think they may not be in any hurry- not out of fear, but out of not feeling a need to rush it: she isn't going any where and it does take time to learn schedules, habits and other intel (and there may be more than one cell working on this). I hope Ann has a nearby group to cover her back on a security basis, rather than just being neighborly.Tough, determined Lady, for sure. Glad she's on our side.Shy III

  7. >The only "cell" working on this would be funded by the US government.While that not impossible, even likely in fact, worrying about other aspects isn't relevant in my opinion.Most death threats are bogus. They are, in this case, made by left wingers who are still living in their parents basement.

  8. >@@ Shy Wolf -Whether in her immediate AO or not – be assured that the 'hundred heads' exchange philosophy extends to her as well… remember the article on MBV's blog.

  9. >Phred- I well remember MBV's letter and commentary- and my pledge for Ann has been noted elsewhere, as well. That our AO may not be 'right next door' to Ann's, and perhaps we can assume the OpFor don't understand this concept, but there are enough of those buggers to go around in any AO, no need for a lot of traveling. Or, as one patriot militiaman noted, "There's enough of you sonsofbitches right here."Shy IIILOL, Phred- the WV is 'phedlent'- must be a day for checking garden PH… 😉