>GardenSERF: The Death Of Yugoslavia


Read GardenSERF’s comments here, then watch this BBC documentary on the dissolution of the former Yugoslavia:

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

The sections above take you through the first chapter of this series; GardenSERF gives more viewing advice here:


If you take your mouse pointer over the lower right hand corner of the embedded video the option will come up to “Watch on Youtube” in another window. The series is posted by a user named “The Death of Yugoslavia” so you will want to stick with that user’s videos and look for them in order on the right sidebar in youtube.

The series in order is:
1. “Enter Nationalism”
2. “The Road to War”
3. “Wars of Independence”
4. “The Gates of Hell”
5. “A Safe Area”
6. “Pax Americana”

Each part of the original series was broken up into 5 sections to fit a 50 minute program on youtube, so watching the second 10 minute section of “The Wars of Independence” has this title format on youtube:

The Death Of Yugoslavia [3/6] – Wars Of Independence [2/5]

Who cares?

What chance is there that today’s US of A (including AK, HI, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands) makes it through the next ten years as currently constituted?

And what is the basis for your answer?

6 responses to “>GardenSERF: The Death Of Yugoslavia

  1. >There's absolutely zero chance that the US government will remain in control of all 50 states and the territories.There are a number of groups, of them I'm involved in two, that are working diligently to see that that does not happen.The super nation state known as the United States is well and truly past its use by date.

  2. >I asked the local right wing radio talk show host if he saw a civil war coming to America. He agreed, on air. For what it's worth, he is no dumbass or idealogue, unless you consider right-leaning libertarian that. I don't. If our last war in this nation had gone but a little different in a few points this point would be mout, we'd already be split.And now…well we are so divided, with so many external pressures, we can not help but tend to split, if history is any guide.I can't say for sure we will, but I would bet my last ounce of silver on it.

  3. >Thanks for posting. I'm still reviewing the entire series as I find time.An important update which cleanly stitches together many concepts was just posted this morning:http://gardenserf.wordpress.com/2011/04/26/all-according-to-plan/

  4. >I'd like to see my state become self sufficient, if our nation is indeed destined to fragment once again.

  5. >http://demographymatters.blogspot.com/2011/04/on-censuses-and-ethnicity-in-western.html"The countries of the western Balkans after a decade of war have achieved the ethnic homogeneity of central Europe; they are near-model nation-states."Roissy's Rule: Diversity + proximity = war.

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