>Facing Reality – Or Not


Your choice.

6 responses to “>Facing Reality – Or Not

  1. >I agree with him on this: nothing surprises me

  2. >Oh, boy.Another "If You Don't Believe Exactly As I Do, You're A %^&$* Commie-Symp Traitor" post.Just what Team Freedom needs.Good job, guys. Real good work.(WV: "idilyze". How appropos.)

  3. >I heard that. When the drums beat for "Stand To", the ones who don't make formation are unimportant. The ones who do, ARE the formation. I probably won't know, or care, what history says afterwards. But I will have been true to myself.

  4. >Tam:That's odd.I didn't get that at all from the piece.

  5. >That's because you haven't dumbly and naively swallowed the lie our masters have fed us, like some of us other sheeple.

  6. >Tam: Perhaps you commented on the wrong post? I did not write with such intent…maybe I am missing something?KerodinIII