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AmMerc: Negating The Air Threat

Read it all.

More than once.

Billy Beck: “The Guerena Shooting: Initial Analysis”

Billy Beck links to Confederate Yankee.

Memorial Day 2011


(h/t Tam)

Oathbreakers Update

From Free North Carolina.

More Oathbreakers here.

Fusion centers work both ways.

Jaded Haven: Country Behind A Mask

A sad and salty sitrep from Daphne of where the nation is, this summer of 2011.

Were it not so, but things are going to be getting more exciting in the coming months and years.

These are the good old days, believe it or not.

Your Elected Representatives: Doing Really Well, Thank You

Ever wonder why people who appear to be rational would spend hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars of their own money to get elected to a job that pays $174,000/year in either the Senate or House?

Zero Hedge has the likely answer, based on this report on House members’ investment returns.

A previous study on Senate members’ returns yielded similar findings:

The folks in both houses of Congress are just very, very good at picking stock investments.


Thieving bastards, able to legally use inside information for their own benefit, unlike any other market participant.

Does that help clarify why things are the way they are?

And why I suggest you read this classic?

And why voting is worth exactly gatz?

Suits And Badges

Anyone who has ever worked with cops understands not only their tribal nature, but where they actually fall in the hierarchy of government power.

It isn’t where you think.

Government power, contrary to popular and media belief, lies not with the badges, but with the elected and appointed suits to whom law enforcement officers report and from whom their agencies receive budgetary allocations.

Even in those relatively rare situations (e.g., county sheriffs) where there is direct election of the chief law enforcement officer in a jurisdiction, that agency still receives its funding via other organs of state power (e.g., the state legislature, the county legislature, Federal law enforcement and highway safety grants, etc.).

So as you review recent events and feel justifiable outrage at the conduct of uniformed officers, never forget the following:

Police officers always act in precisely and exactly the manner that they are permitted to act by the suits, be they in the management of their agency, its chain of command leading to the highest elected executive branch official in that jurisdiction, in the legislative branches that fund that agency, or any combination thereof.

I say again:

Police officers always act in precisely and exactly the manner that they are permitted to act by the suits, be they in the management of their agency, its chain of command leading to the highest elected executive branch official in that jurisdiction, in the legislative branches that fund that agency, or any combination thereof.

To use an example, how long do you think Officer Gilhooley will stay in his current traffic patrol assignment after he writes a sheaf of tickets against the local mayor’s wife, especially after she identifies herself as such?

If you guessed “not very effing long”, you advance to the next round.

So as you root through David’s “Only Ones” files or Balko’s paramilitary police raids, just remember that in every case, the badges are doing exactly what the legislative and executive suits permit and fund.

Once more, for emphasis:

The badges are doing exactly what the legislative and executive suits permit and fund.

The beatdowns, tazings, and grotesque murders happen because the suits want them to happen.

Understand that.

And the suits know that even if someone in the unwashed classes decides to push back, they’ll be stupid enough to push back against the guys with the guns, the body armor, and the nightsticks – in other words, the team that is actually trained and equipped to dispense deadly force.

Won’t they?

Quote Of The Week

I imagine across Europe throughout the Thirties, educated and experienced Jewish people sat with their trusted friends discussing the risks they faced and what to do about them.

Most of those who talked about to the topic did either nothing or not enough, and were slaughtered as a result.

At least their futile musings were lost to history, rather than preserved as part of the on-line record.

— Conversation at a gun show, central Georgia, May, 2011

AmMerc: Considerations For Irregular Warfare Against A Mounted Threat

Read it all.


Billy Beck: Speaking Of Memorials…

From Billy Beck:

If you can watch this video without profound mortification, mounting to righteous outrage, then you don’t understand what’s going on or there is something else wrong with you.

Paging Mr. Greenwood….Mr. Greenwood, please report to the main podium.

Supplementary Monkeys

Based on some confusion stemming from the original post, Tom Baugh has updated his latest essay with linkage and clarifications.

Hope that helps.

Black: Canadians, Cut Your Own Deal

(click to enlarge; graphic from here)

Our neighbors to the north are urged to go their own way in this piece from Conrad Black in the National Post.

Why remained tied to a corpse, asketh he:

…The EU is in hot contention with the United States as the Sick Man of the Great World Economic Powers, because less than 40% of Eurozone citizens work and over 60% are on benefits of some sort. But not to be discounted in this gripping Olympic contest for total fiscal immolation is geriatric, debt-ridden, stagnating Japan, a great but terribly beleaguered and demoralized country…

And the money quote:

…Unless the United States has the most spectacular cognitive awakening since Brunhilda, if not Lazarus, the laws of arithmetic are going to assert themselves in Zeus-like terms…

Wise, freedom-oriented men and women from the former US of A are urged to do the same.

Make your own deal in your own AO, according to your own rules.

And then enforce them.

Denninger: Memorial Day Musings

KD gives the situation report.

Restoration of the Constitutional limits on governmental power and its exercise?

Did Scott Farkus stop when Ralphie just told him to stop?

Did he?

More Thoughts On The Day

Vanderboegh: What Good Can A Handgun Do Against An Army?

DumpDC: Lunatic Fringe

Causapatet: The Constipated Bowel Movement

LEO Ambushed

Are You Too Proud To Be An American?

One Bird And The Flock

Think globally.

Act locally.

Arctic Patriot: Thoughts On Memorial Day

Read AP’s latest.

The Bad People will keep on jackbooting.

Bet on it.

And to be blunt, that is a good thing.

The more outrages, the better.

People like the Congress, Joe Dupnik and his killer SWATties, Cass Sunstein, the Philly PD anti-civil-rights squad, Ken Melson and the Gunwalker crowd – they are the best recruiting tools the Resistance has.

And the more heinous the governmental actions, so too shall be the resulting reaction.

Remember your Lenin:

Worse, better.

Morale Booster

From Natalie Dee.

Billy Beck: This Is An Important Post

From Billy Beck:

Daily Kos. It’s a link-pile and I want it available here. I deplore the racial angles in it (look: they murdered Erik Scotttoo. It doesn’t matter who they kill: we all know what it is.)

What in the world could be more wrong than this? Why doesn’t it matter that this man died like this, amid the crummy lying about it by those who took him so badly? Shouldn’t it matter that we — anyone — can look right straight at this, know how terribly and profoundly wrongit is, and that we must somehow resolve ourselves and our neighbors that it must stop right now? For humanity’s sake: isn’t that why we have minds?… in order to be able to see and understand wrong from right?

Who cannot see it here? This man was torn — blasted — out of the world by an irresponsible arrogance unprecedented in American history before these times that we have lived for decades, and far too long, now. This is the sort of thing for which our forefathers left hearth and home across the seas in order to combat on premises of justice. They safely left those homes in a land where they would not be breached (yes; that’s the word — it’s in the training, today) by a state gone mad in its own “policy”-lust. This un-mindful devotion now bears — in the officers’ own words — routine comparisons to Nazi and Soviet terrors:

  • Self-serving bleats that they’re only doing their jobs (Nuremberg — you could look it up), belted out with contemporary embellishments about how hard is their lot, and making it home to their loving families at the end of their bloody days.
  • Braggadocio over their tacticool kit and all the ways to enhance the shock of their appearances in those they fall upon. (NKVD/KGB — ditto)

They just pile through the doors of private homes — in America… can’t anyone hear this cry? — they do it like some third-rate circus act or (this is important) some slack-assed gang of adolescent human animals, replete with the sidearm waving around in the air over the perps’ heads until its goddamned magazine runs dry.

And they killed Jose Guerena in no time at all. “Jose Guerena”. That was his name. Man, it gets hard to remember them all. This government should be taken at its word (“war”), and there should now be a running memorial of this reasonless slaughter, going all the way back through its ages now. It’s been forty years of murder in the War on Drugs, all of it running down to a time when the skies must thunder with widespread realization of its end-logic:

They’re just murdering us, now, at will.

The courts have, recently, done diligent work at clearing the ways for them right into and through your homes — do you understand? — and the integral procession of the thing must be that once they officially disapproved of what you could do in your own home, they had claimed you, and that means right up to and including your life.

How many more?

What on earth are we going to do?

I believe Mr. Wales has some advice on that point.

Baugh: The Least

Tom sends the WRSA readership a special message.

Think hard on it.

Venlet: Welcome To War In The American Police State

It’s really happening.

Principles, standing alone, will not suffice.

Action, be it enemy or friendly, will decide the day.

AmMerc: Human Network Analysis

(click to enlarge)

American Mercenary continues his pre-operation intel-gathering tutorial, as started here, with this post.

Think organization.

Think links, and the various vulenerabilities of each, along with plans to exploit same.

Think logistics, services, communications (especially data), POL, and other support.

Think chain of command, which in the American system – be it local, tribal, state, or Federal – is lodged completely in the hearts, minds, and hands of non-uniformed, elected and appointed administrative personnel.

More later on that topic.