Black: Canadians, Cut Your Own Deal

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Our neighbors to the north are urged to go their own way in this piece from Conrad Black in the National Post.

Why remained tied to a corpse, asketh he:

…The EU is in hot contention with the United States as the Sick Man of the Great World Economic Powers, because less than 40% of Eurozone citizens work and over 60% are on benefits of some sort. But not to be discounted in this gripping Olympic contest for total fiscal immolation is geriatric, debt-ridden, stagnating Japan, a great but terribly beleaguered and demoralized country…

And the money quote:

…Unless the United States has the most spectacular cognitive awakening since Brunhilda, if not Lazarus, the laws of arithmetic are going to assert themselves in Zeus-like terms…

Wise, freedom-oriented men and women from the former US of A are urged to do the same.

Make your own deal in your own AO, according to your own rules.

And then enforce them.

5 responses to “Black: Canadians, Cut Your Own Deal

  1. Nice digital map, but until someone has real patches to issue based on a flag it’s all just posturing on internet forums:

    The patch is for entertainment purposes only. I’m using it to illustrate the point that “talk” is not only cheap, but free to the point of being worthless. Nothing changes until people put their money where their mouth is. It will take more than a thousand guys on the internet agreeing to do this and relocating to the same state. It’s also going to require a state governor who is willing to take the first step for a real stand.

  2. Mr. Black makes a decent point and then makes a silly argument that the UK is getting it right and it to be emulated.

  3. To achieve an awakening of Brunhilde, America needs a fearless hero able to slay the evil dragon. Who could that be? Where is his magic sword? I see no one able to muster that level of courage…and we should look with a jaundice eye at anyone who would claim such a mantle within the context of the current political system.

    The deception is evident to all who are paying attention.

    To achieve the likes of Lazarus arising from the dead would take a miracle and such things do not happen in the world of economics.

    Only one word comes to my mind. Gotterdammerung!


  4. Siegfried

    I have been trying to awaken the masses, but Fox News got to them first. As such, Gotterdammerung is next on the agenda.

  5. I liked reading that post. Keep ’em coming.