Supplementary Monkeys

Based on some confusion stemming from the original post, Tom Baugh has updated his latest essay with linkage and clarifications.

Hope that helps.

2 responses to “Supplementary Monkeys

  1. Ah, yes, the footnote about the tattoo at the end. I did not see it the first time. It said: USMC….hmmm
    I have no reason to doubt that he is not and surely hope he is and that his brethren will now begin to step into the fray. This is what has been needed for a very long time. Non-violent resistance before we are forced to resort to violent resistance.

    Seems like things are quickening now. Get ready kids. and keep pushing.


  2. As I have said before if it does not fit into Baugh’s world view he tends to ignore it or rewrite it to fit.
    Reading his book gives you a taste of how impressively smart he is.
    Reading multiple sources critical of each other about the things he goes on about leads one to realize that his knowledge is a mile wide and often not deep.