Oathbreakers Update

From Free North Carolina.

More Oathbreakers here.

Fusion centers work both ways.

2 responses to “Oathbreakers Update

  1. The country that my parents though they were fighting for never really existed, certainly not now.

    Oddly enough, my late father, 65 combat missions over Europe, and a founding member of the South Carolina Air National Guard in 1946-47 had a lot to say about this very issue. His mind was not clouded by faux patriotism.

  2. Remember the apoplectic fit from Sipsey when I used this graphic for Dobyns, Dodson & OathBreakers in general? And now we seem to have come to a consensus. Good for us.

    When a man considers it appropriate to enforce a “law” that infringes a Right, that man is wrong and only to be forgiven under the most unique circumstances. …and Deputy Vann?