Quote Of The Week

I imagine across Europe throughout the Thirties, educated and experienced Jewish people sat with their trusted friends discussing the risks they faced and what to do about them.

Most of those who talked about to the topic did either nothing or not enough, and were slaughtered as a result.

At least their futile musings were lost to history, rather than preserved as part of the on-line record.

— Conversation at a gun show, central Georgia, May, 2011

One response to “Quote Of The Week

  1. Jews don’t think anything bad will ever happen to them. Even when Hitler and Germany made it clear that they were in deep trouble, the looked the other way and pretended things would be just fine.
    Passivity and liberalism-are hallmarks of the Jewish mind. American Jews think that Obama’s government will come to thier aid in a time of danger. Assimilated and smug-they fail to learn the lessons of history.

    Show me a Jew who supports the 2nd amendment, and I will show you a pariah.

    I am ashamed that my Jewish brothern refuse to see things as they are.