Suits And Badges

Anyone who has ever worked with cops understands not only their tribal nature, but where they actually fall in the hierarchy of government power.

It isn’t where you think.

Government power, contrary to popular and media belief, lies not with the badges, but with the elected and appointed suits to whom law enforcement officers report and from whom their agencies receive budgetary allocations.

Even in those relatively rare situations (e.g., county sheriffs) where there is direct election of the chief law enforcement officer in a jurisdiction, that agency still receives its funding via other organs of state power (e.g., the state legislature, the county legislature, Federal law enforcement and highway safety grants, etc.).

So as you review recent events and feel justifiable outrage at the conduct of uniformed officers, never forget the following:

Police officers always act in precisely and exactly the manner that they are permitted to act by the suits, be they in the management of their agency, its chain of command leading to the highest elected executive branch official in that jurisdiction, in the legislative branches that fund that agency, or any combination thereof.

I say again:

Police officers always act in precisely and exactly the manner that they are permitted to act by the suits, be they in the management of their agency, its chain of command leading to the highest elected executive branch official in that jurisdiction, in the legislative branches that fund that agency, or any combination thereof.

To use an example, how long do you think Officer Gilhooley will stay in his current traffic patrol assignment after he writes a sheaf of tickets against the local mayor’s wife, especially after she identifies herself as such?

If you guessed “not very effing long”, you advance to the next round.

So as you root through David’s “Only Ones” files or Balko’s paramilitary police raids, just remember that in every case, the badges are doing exactly what the legislative and executive suits permit and fund.

Once more, for emphasis:

The badges are doing exactly what the legislative and executive suits permit and fund.

The beatdowns, tazings, and grotesque murders happen because the suits want them to happen.

Understand that.

And the suits know that even if someone in the unwashed classes decides to push back, they’ll be stupid enough to push back against the guys with the guns, the body armor, and the nightsticks – in other words, the team that is actually trained and equipped to dispense deadly force.

Won’t they?

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  1. Right on target and posted.

  2. I just made that same comment over at OK’ers in the story:

    SWAT By Design Is A Lifesaving Mission [ Being An Open Letter To Stewart Rhodes and Elias Alias ]

    “Please do tell us what unalienable Rights you conveniently overlook with the approval of the peoples task-masters you work for.”

    You hit the nail on the head and drive it the first swing. You’d make a good carpenter. 😉

    Also, you may be interested in more info on the Adam Kokesh story here:

    Seems Mr. Kokesh and the State Park thug have met before.

  3. I just watched the link Brock submitted here.
    This young man, Kokesh is very impressive. My faith it successful resistance to tyranny is being renewed by the actions of young men like him.

  4. PoPo are the Tangs & Teeth of Tyrants.

    They stand between Tyranny & Liberty.

    Bad placxe to be, if one were to aqsk me…


  5. Craig Cavanaugh

    The suits run the show for sure. The PO-lice are costumed monkeys trained to do their bidding…

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  7. I don’t care who it is really. Everyone of them everywhere is just as capable of NOT choosing to be a tyrant,abuser,thug,or muderer of the “rest” of us. Period.

    We have the same choices in such ugly matters as well.This is a bad place for ALL of us to be….


  8. This is why I have come to the understanding that the actual adversaries to liberty are indeed, those we have the most control over and the most access to. Get close to cop and see how they act.

  9. CIII:

    Believe me, I ain’t hauling the popo’s water.

    I am saying that the suits want people to attack the cops, both out of a “they’re the filthy animals we pay to suppress the rabble” status distinction and a strategic desire to use that reaction to advance the next phase of the control scheme.

    The suits see themselves as invulnerable — in fact, untouchable.

    Team Freedom should remember that playing the other guy’s game gets your keester handed to you.

    Play your own game.

    • Thanks for that clarification CA. I get ya now. And i know you are no waterboy!


  10. Eh…

    “The beatdowns, tazings, and grotesque murders happen because the suits want them to happen.”


    No, understand this:

    “Just following orders” doesn’t hold water.

    Understand this:

    The man pulling the trigger is responsible.

    The man pulling the trigger is responsible.

    The man pulling the trigger is responsible.

    It is not the sherrif or governor who CONSCIOUSLY AND DELIBERATELY kicks in doors and thumbs off the safety before firing. Each of those acts is a conscious decision to commit violence against another human.

    The badges are doing exactly what the legislative and executive suits permit and fund.”

    Doesn’t matter who funds or permits what. The trigger puller is still utterly and fully responsible for his actions.

    Are we or are we not in favor of individual responsibility?

    There are two sides to this equation, you present one here.

    The other side involves the willingness to commit acts of the Guerena type, without which the suits would have no basis of power. One class does not control the other as a marionette. They are inter-related and codependent, each utterly responsible for their own actions an the continuation of the other classes’ perpetuation.

    The man pulling the trigger is ultimately responsible for his actions. You cannot punish one man for the actions of another.


  11. AP:

    Accountability works for both servant and master, in equal measures.

    Of course, Joe Tacticool is responsible for every round he sends downrange.

    But so is Joe’s boss, up to the Chief Tacticool.

    And who gave Team Tacticool all of those wonderful toys?

    The County Board of Bedford, who decided that the DoJ and DHS moolah and grants-in-kind were good enough reason for rural Bedford County to have its very first Tactical & Antiterrorism Response Unit.

    All seven board members voted to fund the TARU, and to accept the FedGov grants.

    All seven also approved the hiring of Chief Tacticool, who came from a distinguished career with the Big City PD and even is a graduate of the FBI National Academy.

    Guess what?

  12. You got it exactly correct, AP. Exactly.

  13. Note that I am not saying the triggerpuller is off the hook.

    I am saying that the triggerpuller is not the only one on the hook, especially when mindset and ROEs are set above the triggerpuller’s paygrade (as are the subsequent investigations).

    Does that help?

    Phrased alternatively, how many people did Adolf the Austrian actually kill himself after he left the front in 1918?

    Same question for Uncle Joe.

    Same question for Chairman Mao.

    Same question for every stooge in between the triggerpuller and the Big Boss Man.

    Guess what?

  14. I understand your points now. Thanks for the clarification.

    I agree with you totally.

    Every person, all the way up the chain, is responsible for the murder.

    The web of guilt spreads when it is considered that all of the murderers are still free.


  15. Fuggin A, bro.

    Accessorial liability is a bitch.

    And the SOBs who wrote and administer those rules of law genuinely believe themselves not only exempt from those rules, but physically untouchable.

    Guess what?

  16. Guess what?

    “Unintended consequences”

  17. alarmrideratl

    Until somebody actually starts fighting back, this stuff just sounds like over-discussion. Suits, uniforms, trigger pulling, following orders, issuing orders,…..come on, let’s face it………

    WE’RE JUST A BUNCH OF VIRGINS TALKING ABOUT SEX when it comes to this stuff.

    (borrowing a quote from the book “On Killing.” The quote originally applied to combat in general, which I’m sure a lot of readers here are NOT virgins to. I’m applying it more narrowly to anti-tyranny politically motivated violence in America. No one has really done it, but everyone wants to talk about it.)

  18. Well, at the link below there’s a suit wearing elected official who issues orders from the top to violate citizens’ liberties and who enables jackbooted types to do that dirty work they do so well:

    Williams is, uh, pretty, pretty bad. Perhaps someone reading this lives in Philly and could knock on the door to the house referenced above and confirm the address (Williams’ picture is out there; confirmation of home address ain’t that hard.)

  19. alarmrideratl

    Oath Breaker Dude,

    There are thousands of patriots who know about R. Seth Williams, and there just might be a thousand who read these comments here. Odds are, a couple of them might be in the Philly area.

    Will any of them go up to the doorstep of Williams’ house which you’ve highlighted on your site and ask to speak to Williams face-to-face, man-to-man?

    I think not. We won’t even knock on a door,……..

    Oh, but we’ll talk the talk about targeting and tactics, we’ll read about “praxis,” we’ll repeat the same warnings of “it works both ways” or “unintended consequences”,


    The bad guys are out there kicking in doors and we can’t even muster up the balls to knock on a couple of doors and say “hi.”

    I like your site, OBD, but I don’t think we’re ready to get the least bit physical. Patriots/ libertarians don’t want to take action. They want to read Balko’s Agitator, Codrea’s War on Guns, Photography Is Not A Crime, etc, and get angry, but they don’t want to actually even begin doing the work that needs to be done.

  20. CA said: Of course, Joe Tacticool is responsible for every round he sends downrange.

    But so is Joe’s boss, up to the Chief Tacticool.

    Add to this list the procurement officr in the department, the mayor’s office, the gal in her role of assigning weapons and keeping track of them, the gal who processes warrants, and the bullet salesman who sells in quantity to a Department that is known to murder it’s own Civilians.

    Too broad a brush?

    Come and talk to me again after you’ve met your Stack.


  21. Read this in a low voice calmly. That is how I am stating it.

    Why do you think I don’t sleep well at night?

    No. I have never been “involved in anti-tyranny politically motivated violence in America”, except in opposition to the forces who desired to overthrow the government of the U.S. and the Constitutionally elected representatives thereof. Communists, Marxists, Facists, Nutists or anything you want to call them. So called patriots as well if they’re purpose matches my description. I know that not to be true.

    Blue…I invited you to go private. I supposed you didn’t return to read my reply as there was no response. No. Cops don’t leave roll call and briefing to make ‘war’ on the citizenry. They leave to uphold the law as written in the penal codes of the jurisdictions they work for. Their commanders set the goals and the rules to abide by administratively but the cops must obey the laws as well. If they don’t they deserve to fry and in responsible jurisdictions, they do go to prison and/or lose they’re jobs. Other good cops turn them in and the evil doer blues know it.

    CA and AP…You’ve pretty much nailed it. Good on you. Anything you want to know? I’ll try to answer all who ask from a grunts point of view. But know this. I never blindly followed orders.I didn’t have to. My oath and badge gave me equal power to that of the highest law enforcement official in the state. Grunt or not.

    Curtis…I haven’t had a chance to read what you wrote, to wit: ‘SWAT By Design Is A Lifesaving Mission’. That is what it started out to be. I read something somewhere along the lines of, “Here we are. Imagine where we’ll be.” or similar words. Well, there they were and it’s out of control and needs to stop now. No more Jose Guerenas.

    There isn’t enough space here to repond to all of you. But know this. The ones we are talking about here are in the minority on the officer level is concerned. It is generally the higher echelons who are at fault for pressuring the lower ranks to perform. Not to break the law but put on a good show. Well that isn’t the job and we have the legal authority to say no. I did. Many times. Adminisratively I had to answer for those decisions and justified them every time.

    I’m honorably retired so they can’t touch me for voicing my experiences and knowledge so go for it. Fire one across and I’ll answer from my points of knowledge. Go. Just be kind and don’t call me a &#&()@$^&.!
    I loathe foul language.

    Hi T.L. – Love ya man.

  22. Jim Bravo

    Kerodin’s point’s are true.

    Ignorance of the law is no excuse. It is bull crap when they use it on us for some obscure statute, doubly so when you are arming a hit squad that is enforcing extra-constitutional laws with murder.

    Facts are facts.

    And for alarmrideratl, do you think before you talk? Do you think before you act? Do you do both when you have to do a huge act that you can’t do by yourself alone?

    If not…start the dance. There’s a bunch waiting on you or someone like you. Especially those in power now. We are indeed being baited.

  23. AlarmRider:

    I believe you are right. OBD’s effort is gallant, but how many people have done anything other than look at his/her site?

    Even more damningly, how many people in the activist community are afraid of even doing that?

    All hat, no cattle – and the Bad People know it.

    Oathbreakerdude: Consider posting the AmMerc articles cited over the weekend.

  24. So herein is the dilemma – wise application of the leftist bumpersticker – think globally, act locally.
    Every one cannot go knowkc on a door of a heasterblaster. But everyone has an AO of at least ten to twenty miles, and if the TWAT teams are the local tools then c’est la vie, c’est la guerre, eh?
    When studying kendo / kenjutsu, a lifetime ago, I once asked an elder why the ancient warriors had such a thick laminate of leather , bamboo and lacquered wood over the wrists, as it would seem to impede dexterity and speed. Obviously, I was young and foolish.
    He patiently explained that in real life combat, if the hand or arm were taken off by an opponent, then the sword was useless – thus the extremities were easier targets, targets of opportunity, than the chest, abdomen or head.
    Just a thought.

  25. please excuse typos – no sleep for last three days except for couple of hours last night. grogginess prevails over brain / hand coordination.

  26. That is a super-peachy-keen post. Thanks for really blathering on like that! Seriously, I don’t think I could have spent more effort wishing for something heavy to fall on me to erase that nonsense from my mind!

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  28. I have a feeling many of the good people in the force are leaving. The staggeringly clear trend exists. Enthusiasm is not suitable replacement for wisdom when firearms and lives are involved.

  29. Anonymous

    The beatdowns, tazings, and grotesque murders happen because the voterswant them to happen. The voters want Jews, Gypsies, and homosexuals, er, Muslims, Hispanics, and junkies to be leaned on.

    Every person, all the way up the chain, is responsible for the murder.

    And at the top of the chain sits the voters, who hired these hitmen.

  30. Good article and good concerns.

    PS – Adam Kokesh being lionized here is a mistake. He has been recorded numerous times with far left traitors like Code-Pinko founder Medea Benjamin, the far left supporter of Hamas and Obama Kokesh was arrested in that staged “dance’ protest.

    At the 2 minute 50 second mark in this video:

    Kokesh and others are being led by former accused cop-killer and communist Darnell Summers in urging our fine military TO DESERT THEIR POSTS

    You can also hear an interview about Kokesh on the Gordon Liddy show here:

    [audio src="" /]

    Finally , Kokesh is now a “talking-head” on RUSSIA TODAY, the state propaganda are of Putin.

    Kokesh is NOT OUR ALLY.

  31. Jose Guerena..

  32. Heh…a shifting tide, in Arizona, no less.

    Who is it who said he has read many obituaries with a smile in his heart…


  33. …sorry, Texas.


  34. Whoever you want to assign the blame for the atrocities of America’s police state, keep this in mind: those that write the laws and those that administer the enforcement of said laws are softer targets than those that pull the triggers to enforce those laws.

  35. Mark Matis

    For J. Croft:
    Yeah, but the Masters are far more easily replaced than the Thugs with Guns. There are THOUSANDS of wannabe Masters out there just waiting for their chance. And even cutting their numbers in half would not significantly change things. Thugs with Guns, on the other hand, are more difficult to replace. The Masters will not tolerate a Thug with a Gun who does not RECOGNIZE and RESPECT his Masters. Which rules out most of the “spray and pray” crowd from the inner cities. Sure, take out some Masters if you get the chance. But don’t waste your time planning for that. When enough of the Thugs with Guns are rotting where they belong, the Masters become easy pickin’s. For very few of them have any REAL capabilities beyond flapping their gums. Mussolini and Ceaucescu make good examples of how they should be treated when the time comes…

  36. Adobe Walls

    There are occasional exceptions to this.
    I’m told that it was the local sheriff’s folks who gave the first heads up about what the county commissioners were up to vis a vis the new firearms ordinance here in Johnston Co. NC. The first version of that new law would have basically ended the right to discharge firearms (and crossbows and pellet guns) on any but the largest properties.

  37. Adobe Walls

    I have followed and posted about this. Haven’t heard anything recently, though.

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