Your Elected Representatives: Doing Really Well, Thank You

Ever wonder why people who appear to be rational would spend hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars of their own money to get elected to a job that pays $174,000/year in either the Senate or House?

Zero Hedge has the likely answer, based on this report on House members’ investment returns.

A previous study on Senate members’ returns yielded similar findings:

The folks in both houses of Congress are just very, very good at picking stock investments.


Thieving bastards, able to legally use inside information for their own benefit, unlike any other market participant.

Does that help clarify why things are the way they are?

And why I suggest you read this classic?

And why voting is worth exactly gatz?

One response to “Your Elected Representatives: Doing Really Well, Thank You

  1. Craig Cavanaugh

    That’s why I call them (s)elections (which I borrowed from Survival Acres). If someone makes it onto the ballot, it’s because they’ve been pre-selected by the PTB and vetted. So we get to “choose” between two evils in a charade cloaked in “freedom”. Even the so-called tea party candidates are proving to be shills as they’ve demonstrated by renewing the “patriot” act. I hear tell that Boehner read them the riot act when they arrived and told them what they WILL and WON’T do in CONgress. Heh, I laugh when I hear cries of “voting fraud”. ALL voting is fraud…